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Royal and Sun Alliance Home Insurance


Royal & Sun Alliance provides home insurance through their direct arm, MORE TH>N. The company offers pet insurance, car insurance, home insurance and van insurance to UK residents. MORE TH>N is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is Registered under No. 202323. MORE TH>N offers car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, breakdown insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and small business insurance to UK residents.

MORE TH>N and Royal & Sun Alliance provides household insurance covers for your buildings, contents, or both. Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home. Buildings insurance would pay to rebuild your home should you have a fire or would pay for repairs if your home was damaged by wind, trees falling on it, etc.

Contents insurance will protect the items you own. Damage or theft of your contents will be covered by your contents insurance and replace your lost or damaged belongings.

They also cover your outdoor plants and offer home emergency cover as standard. Customers  can sign up for MORE TH>N Home insurance over the phone, or they can sign up online and receive an additional discount for their house insurance as described on their web site at the time of preparing this article.

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