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IAM Fuel prices rises are nothing new

January 29, 2011

IAM Fuel prices rises are nothing new

The rising cost of fuel has been an issue for motorists for many years, one organisation has revealed.

Travel is responsible for one-sixth of the average family's budget, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) warned, with petrol accounting for 80 per cent of this.

Neil Grieg, director of policy and research for the IAM, said: "Competitive car manufacturers and a more efficient garage trade have delivered lower overall motoring costs but these gains are being all but erased by higher fuel and car insurance costs."

He emphasised that fuel consumption can be reduced through more effective driving habits and using alternative modes of transport wherever possible.

At the start of the year, the IAM warned that drivers are facing various rising costs, including an increase in VAT and fuel duty, which is expected to go up again in April.

Motoring groups have warned, however, that this could prove detrimental to their industry.

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