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Travel insurance news Brits encounter difficulties abroad

August 27, 2009

Travel insurance news Brits encounter difficulties abroad

A significant number of British nationals "encounter difficulties" when they are abroad, according to new figures from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

In news highlighting the importance of travel insurance, figures from the organisation showed that 433 Britons were hospitalised in Greece between April 2008 and March 2009.

Additionally, 5,430 Brits required consular assistance in Spain and 2,446 passports were either lost or stolen in Australia during the same period.

FCO minister Chris Bryant said: "The report highlights just how many British nationals encounter difficulties whilst abroad.

He explained that while helping people who get into trouble is a key part of the FCO’s job, many of the issues it deals with could be avoided if travellers undertook "a little bit of preparation" before heading overseas.

In recent times, the FCO issued advice for people concerned about the swine flu pandemic, suggesting that travel should be delayed if consumers are ill with respiratory problems and also recommending that people stock up on hand gels to try and limit the spread of infection.

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