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What do I need to know about commercial property insurance for a supermarket?

You are running a business with lots of stock, staff and customers. Accidents can be expensive.

Supermarket insurance safeguards your business. It helps protect you from losses.

For more information on key things to know about a supermarket insurance policy, take a look at our guide below.


Why do I need supermarket insurance?

Supermarket insurance helps to protect you if someone is injured or your building is damaged. You need public liability insurance in case a customer has an accident in your supermarket and makes a claim for compensation. Your supermarket may also be vandalised along with other hazards such as theft of stock or equipment.

With proper supermarket insurance, you’ll be protected from these risk factors as well as giving you a peace of mind as a business owner.


What supermarket insurance cover do I need?

Public liability insurance is vital when you run a supermarket. This will help protect you if a customer is injured.

Employers’ liability insurance may be required legally if you hire staff. It will help protect you if an employee is injured on the job.

Stock and equipment insurance is a good idea. You may have valuable items in your store. This type of insurance helps protect you if your goods are stolen or damaged.


How do I take out supermarket insurance?

Getting commercial property insurance for your supermarket is quite straightforward.

First, you’ll need to assess your risks. Think about the type of supermarket insurance cover you’ll need. Then compare supermarket insurance quotes. Choose a policy that meets your needs at a competitive price.


Is supermarket insurance a legal requirement?

Supermarket insurance isn’t always legally required. If you are unsure, then check your business contracts. Employers’ liability insurance may be required by law. Public liability insurance is a good idea when you work with members of the public.


How much does commercial property insurance for a supermarket cost?

The cost of your supermarket insurance policy depends on your needs and your business. Some factors are fixed, such as the size of your building. The excess you pay on a claim can change.

It’s worth shopping around to compare supermarket insurance quotes. You may save hundreds of pounds by comparing quotes to find a competitive deal.


Is cyber insurance a part of supermarket insurance?

Your business may have access to shoppers’ data and personal information. In this case, you’ll need protection against cyber threats and breaches. Cyber insurance will help protect you against claims and losses.