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Why does a wine bar need insurance?

Wine bars are businesses with higher-than-average risk factors due to their dealing directly with members of the public, and the fact that they serve both food and drink. It’s important to make sure that you have the correct type of insurance to ensure protection, should there be a problem at your wine bar.

Wine bar insurance is very similar to many other types of commercial property insurance, especially bar or restaurant insurance, so luckily it’s easy to get good and cheap insurance for wine bars.

It’s important to get your wine bar properly insured given that there are risks to the building, employees and members of the public. All these risks can be mitigated by purchasing the appropriate insurance. Some of these risks include small-scale incidents, such as a slip and fall by a member of the public, or a kitchen accident happening to a member of staff.

Some of the risks are larger, however, and include things such as a fire at the property, or a break-in. Since there’s such a wide range of risks, it’s important to compare insurance quotes and make sure that you secure a policy that addresses all of your risks.

What insurance does a wine bar need?

Basic commercial property insurance can cover incidents that occur to the building, such as a fire, burst pipes, vandalism or storm damage. The exact cover will vary between policies, so it’s important to always check.

If you hire employees, then you’ll also need employer’s liability insurance in case one of your employees has an accident. You still need this insurance even if your staff are volunteers, or part-time workers.

You will also likely need public liability insurance – this is usually a legal requirement if you work in an industry that serves members of the public, and protects against anyone having an accident whilst visiting your wine bar.

What other types of insurance can be added?

It’s also possible to extend your insurance cover to include more factors. For example, you can insure the contents of your wine bar, both stock and machinery or furniture. This can be vital if there’s a fire or other such event at your wine bar.

What is my insurance excess?

The excess is an amount you agree to pay before the insurance provider pays out following an accident. It’s often possible to lower your insurance premiums by selecting a higher excess, but you need to decide which is preferable for your wine bar insurance.

How do I buy insurance through Quotezone?

Once you’ve selected the insurance you want to purchase, it’s very simple to complete the process. Simply click on the insurance you want to buy, then follow the prompts on your screen. You then either complete the process online or over the phone, depending on the insurer you have selected.