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Blackberry insurance

Everything you need to know about finding insurance for your Blackberry

When you get a new phone, you want to be sure you’ll get as much out of your purchase as possible.

Therefore, if you’re concerned about wear and tear, accidental damage, or even theft, having your Blackberry insured will certainly give you peace of mind!

If you’re keen to find an excellent insurance plan, but aren’t quite sure where to start, then this little guide has the information you need.


What is Blackberry insurance?

Blackberry insurance is a way to ensure that your precious tech is protected – even when things don’t quite go to plan!

You’ll pay your insurer a regular installment, and in return will receive a variety of benefits – such as help covering the cost of repairs and replacements, assistance with paying for new parts, or access to advice services.


Why is insurance important?

The biggest reason why insurance is so important is that, unfortunately, repairing or replacing your Blackberry can be expensive – especially when it’s unexpected.

Fortunately, having your Blackberry insured will entitle you to help with all or most of your phone’s repair costs, which could save you a lot of money.

Plus, knowing your tech is covered by insurance will reassure you as you use it day-to-day. Regardless of whether you only use your Blackberry at home, or whether you keep it with you at all times, your phone will be better guarded against theft or accidents.


Is Blackberry insurance the same as a warranty?

Blackberry insurance is not the same as warranty. Warranty lasts for a set period, and only entitles you to help if your phone is faulty.

Instead, insurance does not have a time limit and offers much more comprehensive coverage, accounting for repairs, replacements, and loss.


What does Blackberry insurance cover?

Most Blackberry insurance plans will provide financial assistance for any repairs or replacements as a minimum. Many providers can even offer in-house repairs, or will assist you with sourcing replacement parts or reliable repairs services.

The majority of plans will also account for damages during travel, loss, or theft – which is especially useful if you often take your Blackberry on the go. You can also find plans with a variety of added benefits, such as access to helplines or emergency repairs services.


How much insurance coverage do I need?

The level of insurance coverage you require will depend on your lifestyle, and the amount of use you get out of your Blackberry.

For example, many of us use our phones frequently during the day. Whether we’re answering work calls, messaging family members, searching for directions or listening to music – our phones are always with us. If this sounds like you, you’ll benefit most from a higher coverage plan that accounts for accidental damage, travel, and theft.

If, however, you’re an infrequent tech user, and only use your Blackberry at home or during emergencies – you may prefer a lower coverage plan that offers enough protection to put your mind at ease.


How do I find a great insurance plan for my Blackberry?

To find insurance that truly works for you, you should first identify all the benefits that your plan simply must include. For example, if you travel often, then theft provisions are essential.

Once you’ve identified your must-have benefits, it’s much easier to narrow down your search, as you can focus on plans within your price range that easily cover your requirements.


Where can I find reliable insurance providers?

You can find an excellent range of reliable insurers on the Quotezone database. With well over 100 different providers listed, finding the perfect plan will be simple!