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How do I get music on my iPod?

The iPod touch is a great little gadget that interfaces perfectly with Apple Music, but it is also possible to listen to music from other sources as well. Unlike the classic older iPods, an iPod touch can hook up to the internet via wifi so it is possible to stream music from a range of sites, like Spotify, Prime and Deezer. If you are on the go and don’t have access to wifi, you have a number of options: you can listen to any music you have downloaded from any number of sources, or you can listen to Apple Music. Apple Music is the specific service that iPod Touch is designed to interface with. You need to pay a subscription, but once you do it provides access to millions of artists. You’ll be able to download any songs, albums or playlists you make so they are available offline too.

I spent a lot on my headphones, will they be protected too?

Some policies will cover accessories for no extra cost or excess charge. So, if you are a music lover and have invested in a nice pair of headphones that have become lost, damaged or stolen in an incident involving your iPod then you will be able to get a repair or replacement along with your iPod touch. Of course, there are some seriously good-quality headphones out there and they may in fact have cost more than the iPod itself. In this case, the best thing to do is to take out a separate policy for those, or list them under a more comprehensive contents deal. Most accessory cover will have a value ceiling, so if you have invested in high-spec, noise cancelling, wide Hz range special sauce headphones then accessory cover may not be enough.

Will I be covered if I take my iPod on holiday?

The vast majority of insurance policies will stipulate a number of days abroad that your policy will cover. So it won’t make a difference if your iPod falls out of your pocket here or in France, the same insurance policy will repair it or replace it no matter where it happens. You should try to report the incident as soon as it happens, even if you are abroad. However, as annoying as it may well be, you are better off waiting to send the device for repair until you are back in the country. It will be much cheaper this way, and you won’t waste a day struggling with a foreign postal system when you should be enjoying yourself abroad. Fortunately, even if your iPod is stolen, if you are using accounts like Apple Music and Spotify then your careful music collection need not be lost for ever.