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Bad driving habits send costs soaring for motorists

November 14, 2008

Bad driving habits send costs soaring for motorists

Drivers could end up paying more for their car insurance due to those that have bad driving habits, a new study has shown.

Research commissioned by Tesco Car Warranty found that three-quarters of motorists fail to make regular maintenance checks on their vehicle which could prevent expensive repair bills in the future.

Similarly, poor driving techniques such as travelling in the wrong gear were also admitted to by 14 per cent of people.

Allan Burns, head of insurance at Tesco Personal Finance, said: "Faulty driving and maintenance habits can lead directly to parts failing or suffering unnecessary wear and tear."

He went to say that managing motoring costs is essential during the current economic climate as it can "ward of any unexpected bills".

On Monday, research from the AA found that some people are looking to purchase a new car with lower fuel consumption or cheaper running costs to save money.

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