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Bike insurance customers urged to be honest

February 12, 2011

Bike insurance customers urged to be honest

All sorts of problems can arise for those who are dishonest when applying for motorbike insurance, an industry expert has explained.

Failing to provide the right information could falsify any claim that is consequently made, noted Malcolm Tarling, media relations officer at the Association of British Insurers.

He indicated that being truthful is more important than ever as "premium rates across the board are rising and people can be tempted to be a bit economical with the truth".

Being upfront with an insurance company is the only way to ensure it will do the same, Mr Tarling added.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists recently suggested that young male drivers need to take particular care when taking their girlfriend out for a romantic drive this Valentine's Day.

It explained that this group is responsible for a large proportion of road accidents, so keeping an eye on the road ahead is more important than ever.

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