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Bike insurance news Suzuki rider wins championship

June 26, 2009

Bike insurance news Suzuki rider wins championship

A youth rider has won a key British bike championship after a successful ride at the weekend.

James Dunn was cheered on by bike insurance customers and many others at the Whitby leg of the Silkolene 2 Stroke British Championship and managed to take fourth place in the qualifying race before winning the next two main races.

Despite only finishing seventh in the final race, the Team Doodson Suzuki rider on his 125 model had done enough to secure his place as the winner of the championship.

Team manager Paul Butler said: "Having been at the Whitby circuit only a few weeks ago, it seemed a prime opportunity to have James try out the 125, and we are naturally very pleased with his results."

Last week, the Metropolitan Police held a bike event to encourage more riders to learn how to avoid accidents and improve their driving skills - therefore reducing their bike insurance premiums.

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