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Birth dates could affect insurance costs

September 27, 2008

Birth dates could affect insurance costs

People looking for cheap car insurance could find that the day they were born has an effect how expensive their premium is.

People born in December are more likely to have to pay more as a new survey by elephant.co.uk has found that they were more likely to have an accident.

Managing director of the company Brian Martin said: "We thought it would be interesting to see if there was any correlation between the date you were born and the likelihood of having an accident or getting points on your licence."

It was also discovered that people with unusual birthdays such as February 29th and December 24th featured in the top three worst drivers and are therefore likely to have to pay more for car insurance.

Defaqto recently warned that as the UK is hit by the credit crunch people should take time out to plan their finances and not cut back by deciding against getting adequate car insurance.

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