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Bonfire Night could lead to claims on pet insurance

November 03, 2011

Bonfire Night could lead to claims on pet insurance

Pet owners need to make sure they avoid making a claim on their pet insurance this Bonfire Night by keeping their animals as safe as possible.

A poll by the Co-operative Banking Group shows that 52 per cent of household pets will struggle to cope with the festivities, with the majority affected by fireworks.

As a result, the group advises owners to create a den area for their pet so they know they are safe, and to keep them indoors.

Keeping windows and doors securely locked is also essential so they do not escape outside, as is keeping the TV or music on to distract the animal from any loud noises.

Lee Mooney, head of pet insurance at the Co-operative Insurance, said: "Animals have a much more acute sense of hearing than adults and whilst we can enjoy Bonfire Night celebrations with minimal stress, household pets very often cannot."

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