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Car insurance changes just weeks away

May 24, 2011

Car insurance changes just weeks away

The government is calling on motorists to make sure they have car insurance policies in place, as changes to the law will be coming into force next month.

Continuous Insurance Enforcement law will take effect on June 20th, meaning that it will be illegal to own an uninsured car, regardless of whether or not it is in use.

"Our message is clear - get insured or face a fine, court action or seeing your car seized and destroyed," warned road safety minister Mike Penning.

He added that uninsured drivers cause all sorts of problems on the UK's roads, as they kill 160 people every year and injure a further 23,000.

Data from the Association of British Insurers shows that false whiplash claims are higher in the UK than anywhere else in Europe, mainly because it is an injury that is relatively easy to fake.

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