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Car insurance searches proving the most popular

April 12, 2012

Car insurance searches proving the most popular

Record numbers of motorists are searching for car insurance online, but at the expense of looking for home and travel coverage.

Of over 1.9 million searches made for insurance products online in January 2012, 62 per cent (1.2 million) were connected to car insurance, according to Greenlight Digital's Insurance Sector Report - Issue 11.

Only 25 per cent were related to travel coverage and 13 per cent to home.

Travel searches were down three per cent while the number of people seeking out home coverage was up two per cent.

Car insurance may dominate internet searches because it is illegal for motorists to not be covered. On the other hand people may be bypassing home and travel insurance because they cannot afford them.

Evidence from unbiased.co.uk suggests that nearly three in ten Brits do not have home or contents insurance.

However, with burglaries on the rise many more people may be looking to invest in coverage for their homes.

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