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Credit crunch means employees fear for their jobs

October 17, 2008

Credit crunch means employees fear for their jobs

People are becoming increasingly worried about job security as the pressures of the credit crunch mean more employers are making staff cuts, it has been revealed.

A quarter claim they are working longer hours in an attempt to make sure they do not lose their job and two in five say stress levels have increased in the workplace, according to Bupa.

London has one of the highest proportions of people doing overtime and it is expected that worker’s health may soon begin to suffer, having a negative impact on performance and absence rates.

Dr Rebecca Small, assistant medical director for Bupa UK Health Insurance, said that "having a healthy, productive workforce is essential to business performance - particularly during hard economic times."

She also stressed the importance of health insurance with a provider that can offer a "broad range of health at work services".

Bupa also found that expats are concerned about the credit crunch with many saying they are finding it increasingly difficult to save.

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