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Decision to dim road lights could increase accidents

February 29, 2012

Decision to dim road lights could increase accidents

A recent proposal to dim road lights cross thousands of miles of British roadways in order to save money and reduce pollution could lead to more accidents on the roads due to reduced visibility.

The suggestion by the Highways Agency has not clarified where the lights will be dimmed and at what time of the day as this is the subject of ongoing research.

No plans will be put into effect without due analysis of the risk caused, however.

"Any changes to light level will be determined in consultation with industry experts and will meet internationally agreed standards to ensure there will be no impact on safety for road users," a spokesman from the Highways Agency explained.

Light pollution caused by bright emanations from British roads can cause energy wastage, atmospheric pollution, disrupt wildlife and can have a drastic impact on the visibility of the night sky, which effects astronomy. 

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