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Driving tips for managed motorway users

April 03, 2012

Driving tips for managed motorway users

Simon Elstow, the driving training specialist at the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has offered up driving tips for drivers on managed motorways.

These motorways specifically use overhead signs and variable speed limits to improve the flow of traffic, while the hard shoulder can also be opened up at the busiest times to add an extra lane.

They are safer than normal motorways as well, which means their proliferation should have a positive impact on car insurance premiums.

Mr Elstow recommends individuals should be aware of the meaning of the advice given by the overhead gantries. They provide an opportunity to make adjustments to a journey if necessary.

For example, the hard shoulder should only be used in an emergency when a red cross with a flashing beacon is shown.

A white arrow with flashing beacons means that drivers must move to the lane it points to and a red cross with flashing beacons means that you should immediately stop using that lane.

When a blank signal is up then managed motorways should be used like any other highway.

"Managed motorways not only help keep motorways moving – they are also safer than conventional ones. Their numbers are set to continue, so brush up on your knowledge of the signs," said Mr Elstow.

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