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Eager DIY enthusiasts may invalidate home insurance policies

April 28, 2009

Eager DIY enthusiasts may invalidate home insurance policies

Brits have been warned that their home insurance policies could be made invalid if they are too eager with some of their DIY projects.

Sainsbury’s Home Insurance is urging people not to undertake certain tasks unless they are following the relevant compliance procedures.

These include projects such as carrying out electrical work in high-risk areas like kitchens, bathrooms and gardens, all of which require prior Building Control notification.

Household insurance can also be invalidated if structural changes are undertaken without informing the insurance provider first.

Sainsbury’s Home Insurance manager Joanne Mallon advised: "Check you have good accidental damage cover and check that your insurer will cover you whilst you undertake the work, and whatever you do, make sure you use a registered electrician to carry out any major electrical works."

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s recently revealed that many Brits are cutting back on their insurance policies in order to save money.

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