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Green car insurance provider expands eco-options

June 25, 2009

Green car insurance provider expands eco-options

Car insurance provider ibuyeco has announced plans to enable customers to support a greater range of green projects.

The company has confirmed with each purchase of car insurance they will make a £5 donation to the Woodland Trust, Borneo Orangutan Survival or The Converging World.

Lucy Bailey, senior marketing manager for ibuyeco, explained that the decision followed consultations with customers who wanted to support environmental projects in the UK and overseas.

"The green agenda is now part of the mainstream and consumers are demanding products that are not only high quality and good value, but also environmentally responsible," said Ms Bailey.

She added that the three causes have been selected by current ibuyeco car insurance customers via an email poll.

According to a recent survey conducted by TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk, many people are deterred from buying a green car because they believe they are more expensive to purchase than standard cars.

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