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Home improvement calamities prompt householders to seek help

August 29, 2017

Home improvement calamities prompt householders to seek help

Thousands of householders have been contacting Citizens Advice over domestic disasters caused by botched DIY work or maintenance jobs, the charity has said. 

Among the most common problems that have arisen are issues with roofing, such as one instance where a roofer failed to complete the work and rain caused thousands of pounds of water damage as a result.

Other cases included problems with fitted kitchens, windows and doors, where tradesmen have gone missing with a job unfinished and parts absebt. Plumbing calamities included a case where a pipe error led to waste water pouring down a property's inside walls and outdoor problems included a situation where a patio sank into the ground, causing a blocked drain. 

"Thousands of people are turning to Citizens Advice for help after bad building work leaves them with a home improvements nightmare," said the charity's chief executive Gillian Guy.

"People trying to improve their homes are finding them in a worse state than before they started. Dealing with botched jobs and unfinished work means many are left out of pocket and face huge disruptions to their lives."

She advised people to keep contracts and receipts, so they can prove what they paid for and demand that work be finished and, if things do go wrong, corrected.

Another thing householders should remember when having work carried out is to contact their home insurance provider, as failure to do so can affect premiums. At the same time, policies may provide some protection against problems caused by poor work. 

This point was emphasised this week by head of home insurance at Halifax Jeremy Ward.  Pointing to research by the bank on home improvements, he observed: "Just 14 per cent of homeowners say they have notified their insurer before beginning work."

He added it is vital that householders advise their insurer that work is about to be carried out and also to let them know once it has been finished.ADNFCR-1789-ID-801839345-ADNFCR

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