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Homeowners require incentives to become eco-friendly

February 24, 2011

Homeowners require incentives to become eco-friendly

The government needs to offer people more incentives for making their homes energy efficient.

More needs to be done to encourage people that being energy efficient is beneficial, an environmental expert has suggested.

Gordon Miller, sustainability and communications director of Sustain Worldwide, said that incentivised schemes must be promoted to members of the public.

He indicated that there will not only be reductions to individuals' utility bills, but also greater security in terms of their provisions of energy.

Mr Miller commented: "The government has promised it will deliver them through the green deal, which is set to commence in 2012.

"As yet, exactly how the green deal will work has still to be revealed."

Mike Childs, head of the climate change campaign at Friends of the Earth, recently suggested that the specifics of the renewable energy revolution are yet to be decided upon by stakeholders.

He indicated that more clarity is needed on the role of offshore wind in the UK's energy future.

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