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Kids causing car accidents

July 24, 2008

Kids causing car accidents

Children are inadvertently causing accidents on roads across Britain, according to recent research.

Figures compiled on behalf of car insurance firm Admiral have shown that just over one-third of parents worry about driving their children around and two per cent believe their kids were the cause of an accident they were involved in.

The problem is that bored children can often cause drivers to take their attention off the road and around 73 per cent of motorists quizzed recently by the car insurance firm said the worst part of travelling with children is that they can be easily bored.

Dr Claire Halsey, a clinical psychologist and parenting expert, advises parents to "increase the chance of a peaceful ride by organising plenty to entertain, schedule lots of breaks in the journey and agree a clear set of rules and rewards for good behaviour".

Meanwhile, the NFU Mutual has recently urged British holidaymakers to take particular care when they drive on rural roads around the country.

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