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Monarch Airlines failure leaves thousands stranded

October 02, 2017

Monarch Airlines failure leaves thousands stranded

Thousands of Britons have been left stranded abroad and many more unable to fly out of Britain by the sudden collapse of Monarch airlines.

The low-cost carrier has been placed in administration, causing the cancellation of hundreds of thousands of bookings. This includes homeward journeys for 110,000 people, plus 300,000 future flights.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling said: "This is a hugely distressing situation for British holidaymakers abroad - and my first priority is to help them get back to the UK."

He added that the government and the Civil Aviation Authority are working on what he called "the country’s biggest ever peacetime repatriation" to fly home those stranded at no extra cost. 

For those with future flights out from the UK booked with Monarch, the situation is, unfortunately, different - unless their flight is booked via a package, which may attract ATOL protection. This means thousands will have to buy new flights or cancel their trips.

People planning holidays that involve flying might want to consider situations like this when seeking the best travel insurance policy. Many policies do not have provisions to protect against the collapse of an airline and all the consequences this brings, not least the extra cost of finding a new flight or having to cancel the holiday at the last minute. However, there are some policies that do cover such circumstances. 

For those who have lost their flights and holidays, the main avenue of redress would be as creditors if and when the company is wound up. As ever when a company goes bankrupt, however, this is a long process and many creditors will not get all their money back - if indeed they get anything at all. Much may, therefore, depend on whether Monarch is rescued.

Normally, flight delays are caused by problems such as bad weather, but the problems being felt by Monarch passengers add to the woes of some Ryanair customers. They have been hit by the sudden cancellation of flights caused by a major error in the scheduling of pilot holidays.

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