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Olympic insurance tips offered

July 24, 2008

Olympic insurance tips offered

Anyone traveling from the UK to see the Olympic Games take place in China has been urged to make sure they have the right kind of cheap travel insurance in place.

The travel insurance provider esure is keen to see travellers to Beijing make sure that their paperwork is fully in order and that they are covered against any potential health or injury problems.

Visitors form around the world are expected to head to China for the long-awaited games and it is vitally important for any Brits planning to make the trip to make sure they have a least six months left on their passports.

"A cancelled flight, lost luggage, a serious bout of illness - it wouldn’t take much for an Olympic dream trip to turn into a nightmare," said Mike Pickard, head of travel insurance at esure.

"It’s crucial to take out quality travel insurance cover and follow advice given on health and safety issues whilst in China."

There will be no such concerns for British Olympic lovers in four years’ time when the games will be hosted in London.

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