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Shop around when remortgaging expert says

May 17, 2012

Shop around when remortgaging expert says

Homeowners must ensure they shop around when they are remortgaging their property, according Ben Wilkie, editor at What mortgage.

For those that are a bit of a novice when it comes to mortgages, it may be advisable to get some independent advice. However, you must also shop around yourself to access the entire market, because although advisers can provide help, only some lenders go through intermediaries.

It is vitally important to not just renew a mortgage with the current lender, as it does not always offer the best deal.

"Most lenders have pretty good deals but the deals are quite often not offered straightaway to existing customers, so going to see what else is on the market and then seeing what your existing lender can offer as well is a good idea," said Mr Wilkie.

He added that financial institutions have little customer loyalty, so staying faithful to a current lender only makes sense if it offers the best value for money.

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