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Survey reveals who Brits blame for credit crunch

October 09, 2008

Survey reveals who Brits blame for credit crunch

A new survey has revealed who Britons think is most to blame for the credit crunch and global financial crisis.

Research by Munro Global found that 21 per cent of the public thought that world governments were to blame while 37 per cent blamed the economic downturn on the global finance services industry.

Only eight per cent of people said they thought the British government or Gordon Brown were responsible.

Charlotte Cornish, chief operating officer of Munro Group, said people have an "increasing worry about making money mistakes" and, in utilities and financial services, there is "massive uncertainty about what will happen next in the market".

The survey also discovered that oil prices, international disputes and greed, consumerism and selfishness were among the things Britons blamed the current financial situation on.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that oil prices began to recover yesterday after a previous decline.

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