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Travel insurance pitfalls may exist for over-65s

May 26, 2011

Travel insurance pitfalls may exist for over-65s

Taking out travel insurance can prove difficult for people over the age of 65, especially if they have pre-existing health conditions, one expert has pointed out.

Stewart Rioch, general manager of travel insurance products at Staysure, emphasised that people must declare all their ailments before taking out a policy.

"They could be relatively minor, such as high blood pressure, but many companies will exclude them, placing an unfair burden on the traveller," he explained.

Mr Ricoh stressed that there are policies that will include certain medical conditions free of charge, so they may be worth researching by older travellers.

He also recommended that holidaymakers avoid companies where extra charges are imposed for making a purchase through a call centre to help lower the cost of cover.

Research from Which? has revealed that around 90 per cent of travel insurance companies will not provide cover for people in their 80s.

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