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Travellers urged to prepare for disruption

May 24, 2011

Travellers urged to prepare for disruption

People planning on going overseas in the near future may want to make sure their travel insurance policies are sufficient, as the UK faces another bout of disruption.

Not only are many northern areas being lashed by high winds, but there is also a possibility that air travel could be hindered by yet another volcanic ash cloud from Iceland.

The Met Office has predicted the cloud is likely to reach the UK by tomorrow morning (May 24th), but it is not yet known whether it will lead to the sort of problems seen last year.

Ministers in Scotland have met to discuss the situation and have issued guidance to anyone who may need to travel over the next few days.

"Motorists are advised to plan their journeys on Monday in view of the possibility of severe winds affecting the country, particularly south and central Scotland," said housing and transport Minister Keith Brown.

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