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Women lose out on driver training at work study shows

May 19, 2010

Women lose out on driver training at work study shows

Women that drive to work are less likely than men to be offered training by their employer than men, according to new research.

Six in ten Brits drive to work, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) indicates, but only 22 per cent of women are offered training compared to 94 per cent of men.

IAM head of training Simon Elstow explained that employers have a responsibility to lower employee risks behind the wheel, which is in turn likely to reduce the risk of car insurance claims needing to be made.

He urged female drivers to "speak up at work" and request training as part of their employer’s duty of care.

Mr Elstow added: "We encourage businesses to offer driver training and assessment to all their employees as best practice and a duty of care.

"Prevention is much better than cure and it’s important to offer tailored training instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach."

He pointed out that, although women are involved in far fewer accidents in which they are killed or seriously injured than men, there are still aspects of their driving that could benefit from improvements.

He added: "They are most vulnerable at junctions and are involved in more low speed accidents, which can result in hefty costs to employers."

The IAM warned that drivers may be at risk of a number of unconscious habits that puts them in danger of having an accident, which they may not be aware of.

Having an expert instructor point these out can easily address these.

Ahead of the general election earlier this month, the IAM published its Road Safety Manifesto, which called for incoming ministers to prioritise driver training in the long-term.

The organisation’s chief executive, Simon Best, explained that access to advanced training "is the single biggest factor that can benefit road safety".

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