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Compare Fiat Ducato insurance

The Fiat Ducato is a fiat car van designed for commercial use, whether that be transporting goods and materials, or for other purposes. Being a firm favourite amongst van drivers in its native Italy, the Ducato is still a popular choice in the UK.

Read on for everything you need to know about Fiat Ducato insurance and finding a policy that suits your needs and price point. If you’re looking to insure a Fiat van, Quotezone has you covered!

How safe is the Fiat Ducato?

The Fiat Ducato is regarded as a safe vehicle, and it was awarded a bronze badge by the Euro NCAP’s 2021 review of commercial van safety.

And as has come to be expected from many Fiats, the engine is also a reliable one, giving you less cause for concern when it comes to breakdowns on the job.

How much does the Fiat Ducato cost?

A new Fiat Ducato costs from around £27,000 to £35,000, although you could find older models for much less than this.

What insurance group does the Fiat Ducato fall under?

Vans made before 2016 have a range of insurance groups all to themselves, with 1 being the cheapest and 20 the most expensive.

The Fiat Ducato falls under insurance groups 5 to 17, so there is a considerable difference depending on which model you own. Those made after 2016 belong to groups 17 to 29.

When you compare Fiat Ducato insurance, you may notice considerable price varation between the quotes.

Is insurance cheap on a Fiat Ducato van?

The Fiat Ducato line of van falls under a broad range of insurance groups, meaning certain lower-end models should be relatively inexpensive to insure, while those with more features will be on the higher end.

Can I reduce my Fiat Ducato insurance?

Your insurance will largely be based on your own driving experience, job role and location, but there are still ways to lower your Fiat Ducato’s insurance premiums.

For example, taking suitable measures to secure your van can lower insurance costs. This might involve fitting a steering lock, or simply parking in a safe area. And if possible, lowering your mileage can persuade insurers to offer lower rates too.

Also, be sure to compare a variety of quotes online, and see which providers are offering the most competitive prices.

What type of cover can I choose for my Fiat Ducato?

Most people looking to cover their van will choose between two different types of insurance: private van insurance or business van insurance. The former is used for personal use, while the latter is specifically for commercial endeavours. This includes hauling goods or commuting to work.

Within the business insurance category, there are also three different sub-types to choose from: ‘carriage of own goods,’ ‘carriage of goods for hire or reward,’ and ‘haulage.’

Where can I find Fiat Ducato van insurance?

Simply browse and compare our range of listed insurance quotes using our online comparison tool. As well as being easy to use, it could help you find the lower insurance quote for your Fiat Ducato. Simply provide your personal details and fill out your chosen provider’s application form.