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Cheap Caravan Insurance Quotes Online

If you own a caravan or a few caravans, whether they are touring caravans, mobile caravans or static caravans you should have adequate caravan insurance cover.

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There are various types of caravan insurance available so you can price around a few competing providers to find the right caravan insurance policy at the right price! So if you are worried about theft of your personal belongings or fire damage to your caravan – with a tailor made caravan insurance policy you can rest assured that all is taken care of.

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At Quotezone, our UK caravan insurance providers could help find you a tailor-made caravan insurance policy – now that’s reassuring! Not only that, we are totally independent and provide a FREE no obligation quote system. Policy offers can include full cover for your own caravan, contents cover, public liability cover – to protect those staying in your caravan. Risk cover can include fire damage, accidental damage and theft cover.

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Caravan Insurance Guide

Many caravan owners could think that their car insurance also covers their caravan, but in fact that’s not always the case. It may be a good idea for a caravan owner to check whether their caravan is covered, and if it’s not, to purchase separate UK caravan insurance. Note, however, that unlike car insurance, caravan insurance is usually optional and is not required by law. The only exception is mostly for motorhomes, which tend to require a minimum of third party insurance.

Types of Caravan

  • Motorhome: A home-on-wheels that is more like a car in terms of its insurance requirements, as third party insurance is required by law for these vehicles.
  • Touring caravans: A caravan that is towed behind another vehicle. In some cases, third party liability for this kind of caravan may be covered under the owner’s car insurance. When this is the case, the owner must usually inform the insurer of their plans to use a caravan when they purchase the car insurance, or they might inform the insurer if they purchase a caravan for use with a car that is already insured.
  • Static caravans: A caravan that is permanently housed at a fixed location such as a holiday park or caravan site. Insurance may not extend to covering the caravan when it’s being moved to a new location.
  • Trailer tents and folding campers: These are like a cross between a tent and a caravan. They’re lighter and cheaper, but are less secure. As a result it may be harder to get cheap caravan insurance to cover them, and some insurers may set an exclusion on items stored in these caravans.

Coverage Levels and Policy Elements

Insurance policies for motorhomes are typically structured in a similar fashion to car insurance, with coverage for third party damage as standard. Optional extras include theft and fire coverage, and comprehensive coverage, as with car insurance.

For caravans, including touring and static caravans as well as trailer tents and folding campers, the insurance is structured differently. These policies don’t include third party insurance as standard, but do usually include coverage for loss due to theft, fire, and criminal activity.

  • The new-for-old clause: This one means that if a caravan is stolen or written off due to damage, the owner receives compensation equivalent to its as-new value. Many insurers only provide market value which takes into account depreciation and means the owner may receive only a portion of the caravan’s as-new value.
  • Security could be particularly important to caravan owners for many reasons, not the least of which is that they often contain valuable personal possessions. Personal possessions that are kept in the caravan might be covered by home and contents insurance, but this is not guaranteed. Note that any items purchased for use in the caravan are unlikely to be covered by home contents insurance, and additional insurance could be needed to cover these items.
  • Restrictions on caravan size may affect whether or not a caravan is fully covered. Some insurance providers set a maximum length or width for insured caravans, and a caravan that exceeds these restrictions won’t be protected.
  • Holidays abroad: If the caravan will be taken abroad, the owner might need to check that the insurance provides European Union coverage. Also note that caravan insurers typically place an annual limit on the number of trips and days the caravan could be used abroad, and exceeding these limits may invalidate the policy.
  • Optional add ons could include things like breakdown assistance, emergency accommodation in the event that the caravan becomes uninhabitable while it’s in use, public liability insurance, third party insurance, friends and family cover, and protection against weather damage.

Common Exclusions

  • Damage as a result of wear and tear.
  • Damage that results from using the caravan as a permanent home or place of business.
  • Damage due to pest infestation (for example insects or vermin).
  • Damage or loss of possessions that occurs due to poor safety and security measures.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown.

What to Consider when Comparing Cheap Caravan Insurance Policies

Because caravan insurance is structured differently from standard car insurance, it could be particularly important for owners to check and compare caravan insurance policies carefully. Reading the fine print is usually essential, and it could also be beneficial for a caravan owner to check their home and contents insurance too, as their caravan or its contents may be covered under the terms of the home policy.

Key areas to check and compare include:

  • New-for-old versus agreed value or market value
  • Breakdown cover and emergency removal
  • Emergency accommodation cover
  • Public liability and/or third party insurance
  • Coverage for using the caravan outside the UK
  • Awning cover, especially for trailer tents and folding campers.
  • Exclusions

Adding coverage for these elements may increase the cost of premiums, but provide extra levels of convenience and protection.

Tips to Reduce Premium Costs

Security is generally highly important when it comes to getting caravan insurance cheap, but there could be some other ways to reduce premiums too.

  • Some caravan clubs offer their members caravan insurance discounts in addition to their other benefits.
  • Security features such as alarms, wheel clamps, and hub locks may help reduce premiums. Also of importance may be secure storage for safe keeping of personal possessions and other items that are stored in the caravan.
  • Paying the premium annually rather than monthly may provide a discount.
  • As with car insurance, the excess on caravan policies is split into compulsory and voluntary amounts. The compulsory amount is set by the insurer, but the caravan owner sets the voluntary excess themselves. Increasing the amount of the voluntary excess may reduce premiums.
  • If the policy is eligible for a no-claims bonus, this may help a caravan owner secure a lower premium in the future.