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Compare Cheap UK Pet Insurance Quotes

Pets can bring much joy to life, in fact many would even consider them a part of the family. With more than half of UK households now owning at least one pet, it’s safe to say Britain loves it’s pets. To put that into perspective, it is estimated that there are 13 million dogs and 12 million cats living in British households since the pandemic.

Pet insurance with Quotezone

But whether your pets have paws, claws, or floppy ears, the cost of caring for your beloved animals can soon mount up…particularly if they get ill or are injured and need to make an unexpected visit to the vet. 

That’s why millions of pet owners decide to take out a dedicated pet insurance policy for their pets, whether it’s dog insurance for their beloved pooch, cat insurance or rabbit insurance, Quotezone has you covered!

Why you should consider insuring your pet

With the average cost of an out-of-hours vet appointment costing in excess of £250 in the UK, pet owners can be left with a nasty dent in their wallet should they get caught without insurance. This cost excludes treatment, which depending on your pet’s injuries or illness has the potential to cost you thousands. 

Most households would find that sort of price tag rather difficult to swallow…unless they have invested in a good pet insurance policy.

There’s also the risk that your dog, cat or rabbit might develop some sort of chronic medical condition, which could result in an even larger number of trips to the vet…and an equally large veterinary bill. So even if your pet does not exhibit any medical conditions, insurance experts advise that you insure your pet young to prevent getting caught by expensive treatments for any future conditions.

If you have an exotic pet then specialist veterinary expertise is likely needed. These specialists can charge even higher rates than standard vets for their specialist knowledge.

How much is pet insurance?

The cost of pet insurance can vary greatly across multiple quotes, making an accurate estimate for any one pet owner difficult to calculate. There are several factors that are unique to the individual pet you’re looking to insure which essentially means that no two insurance policies are ever the same. As a result your best way of finding an accurate figure for your pet insurance is to take out multiple quotes and compare them.

Here are the common factors that will determine your UK pet insurance premiums:

  • Pets age
  • Pets species 
  • Pets breed
  • The level of coverage you wish to take out
  • Where you live

Pet insurance policies will typically exclude insuring your pet if it has a pre-existing medical condition so it is always best to insure your pet while it is young. The younger your pet, the cheaper your insurance is likely to be. Some insurers will cover pets with pre-existing conditions however but these policies are typically more expensive, given the greater risk of your pet needing treatment.

How to use our pet insurance comparison system

Our insurance comparison system can compare quotes for various pet insurance policies, whether that be puppy insurance or older dog insurance, kitten insurance or cat insurance, you’ll have various levels of coverage to choose from for your pet on our comparison site.

It doesn’t matter whether your pet is a pedigree or a cross-breed, either – we can still compare the best quotes from our panel of insurance providers to help you find a great deal.

Getting a quote is simple, too. Simply fill in our short online form with a few details about yourself and your pet, and within minutes we can provide you with multiple insurance quotes.

When the quotes are returned, as well as displaying the price we will clearly show what is included in the policy, including vets’ fees, whether or not multi-pet cover is available and if lifetime cover for ongoing conditions is provided.

Not all pet insurance policies are the same, of course, so when you compare quotes it’s important to make sure you pick the one that is right for your pet and remember to check what’s included in the specific policy.

Quotezone’s pet insurance comparison system is free to use and can help you find cheap pet insurance, so why not complete a price comparison right now?

Compare pet insurance quotes now

Have questions you need answered before you’re ready to get to grips with specific insurance policies? We have you covered. 

Why you should do a pet insurance comparison

By comparing multiple pet insurance quotes you can significantly increase your chances of finding the cheapest coverage for your pet. Not only is it a good idea to compare multiple insurers before making a decision on your coverage, you should also consider the different levels of coverage on offer. Sometimes more comprehensive policies which cover you for more can be offered at competitive prices as part of a deal. This means it pays to do a thorough search on what coverage is out there so you can not only find the cheapest pet insurance, but also the most comprehensive.

Does my pet need to be neutered and vaccinated before I take out insurance?

Most insurance policies for pets don’t stipulate that the animal must be neutered, but some insurance providers may offer cheaper pet insurance quotes if you do get your pet castrated or spayed before you take out the policy.

Pet insurance with Quotezone

That’s because castration or spaying can reduce aggressive behaviour in some animals, and spaying can also eliminate the risks associated with pregnancy for female pets.

Vaccinations are a different story, though.

Many pet insurance providers specifically require pet owners to have their pets vaccinated when they’re young, and then ensure the animal is given regular booster shots for those vaccinations.

Failure to do so could mean your insurance policy might be invalidated.

The cost of these vaccinations and boosters usually isn’t covered by a pet insurance policy, but ensuring your pet’s shots are up to date could save you money in the long run.

Is it worth insuring an old dog?

Older dogs often face higher veterinary bills due to a host of possible medical conditions that they can develop in old age. For example Labradors are generally a healthy breed, but they can be prone to certain health issues such as obesity. Because an older dog, regardless of its breed, is more likely to suffer from health complications than a puppy, although some breeds are more prone to issues than others, many pet insurance policies will specifically exclude pre-existing conditions from coverage when the policy is renewed. With that in mind, is it still worth insuring an old dog? In short, the answer is it really depends as insuring an older dog will be significantly more expensive than insuring a pup. Despite this however many owners are prepared to bare the cost to cover their beloved pet. For more information on whether it is worth insuring an old dog, read our guide for all the information you’re looking for. In order to find the cheapest dog insurance, it pays to search out and compare as many different insurers as possible before taking out a policy.

What levels of insurance coverage are available for pets?

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest pet insurance possible, or you plan to give your furry friend the best insurance policy money can buy, there are four main levels of cover available: accident-only, per condition, annual insurance and lifetime insurance.

  • Accident-only: As the name suggests, this type of policy usually only covers medical expenses that you incur when your pet is injured in an accident. For that reason, it’s usually the cheapest type of pet insurance, but it does mean you’ll have to cover the cost yourself if your pet needs medical attention for an illness. Some of these accident-only policies also limit the total amount they’ll pay out for a single accident, while others might only pay out for a limited period of time after a pet is injured.
  • Per-condition: These policies tend to limit the total amount they’ll pay out for any single condition. Depending on the policy you choose the limit might be a certain amount of money, or it might cover the condition for a certain amount of time following its diagnosis. Once that time limit or monetary limit has been reached the policy usually no longer covers any expenses relating to that particular condition. This could be a good option if you’re looking for cheaper UK pet insurance, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the cheapest of these policies could have fairly low per-condition limits so you should double-check this before signing on the dotted line.
  • Annual pet insurance: Unlike lifetime insurance, this type of insurance policy gives you the flexibility to switch insurance providers if you wish, but it’s important to bear in mind that each new insurance policy you take out might become more costly than the last, due to your pet’s advancing age. It’s also important to understand that each time you take out a new annual insurance policy previously diagnosed conditions usually won’t be covered, since the new policy will class them as ‘pre-existing medical conditions’.
  • Lifetime pet cover: This is usually the most expensive type of pet insurance, but is also the most comprehensive level of cover available. Provided your pet doesn’t have any pre-existing medical conditions when you first sign up for this type of policy you will usually be covered for most types of illnesses, up to a maximum annual pay-out amount. These policies are sometimes known as annual benefit policies because they have a per-condition limit that is renewed annually along with the policy.

Which pet insurance covers dental?

Most pet insurance policies won’t cover dental treatment as a standard, however you can certainly have it included as an add-on for most dog and cat policies. It is important to consider getting dental care added to your pet’s policy as cavities and ulcers left untreated can spread to other parts of the body. Tooth disease can lead to a myriad of health issues for your pet such as blood poisoning, problems eating, infection and in worst cases death. 

What types of pets are covered under UK pet insurance?

In the UK, the most common types of pets covered by pet insurance policies are dogs and cats. There are however many other species of pets that owners wish to get insured. Coverage options and species covered may vary from insurer to insurer with exotic pets sometimes requiring a specialist insurer. However most legal pets in the UK will ultimately be insurable under one insurance policy or another.

Here are some other common types of pet that UK insurers deal with besides dogs and cats.

  • Reptiles – Including lizards and snakes
  • Amphibians – Such as toads and frogs
  • Birds – Such as Parrots, finches
  • Small mammals – Such as Gerbils, Guinea pigs and Rabbits.

Which types of pets are not covered by UK pet insurance?

Pets that are illegal will not have any available insurers, for example the American bullfrog and Egyptian goose. Invasive, non-native species are estimated to cost the UK economy at least £1 billion per year so restrictions on having certain animals as pets are in place for legitimate reasons. Some insurers exclude dogs or crossbreeds listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act. If you have applied for an exemption to keep your American Bully XL by 01/02/2024, third-party insurance will be required as part of the conditions of ownership.

Will my insurance provider pay out if my pet is lost or stolen?

Provided you haven’t opted for accident-only or per-condition pet insurance you could find that your provider might cover some of the expenses you incur if your pet goes missing.

For example, some pet insurance policies might include ‘advertising and reward cover’, meaning the insurance provider would cover part of the cost of getting flyers printed or offering a reward if you lose your pet.

If advertising and reward cover is not included as standard you should be able to add it to your policy as an optional extra.

Does pet insurance cost more for pedigree animals?

When dog owners begin comparing dog insurance quotes they will sometimes find that it costs more to insure a pedigree dog than it does a mixed-breed pooch.

The same applies for cats – many providers will charge a higher cat insurance premium if you’re insuring a pedigree animal.

There are two main reasons for that:

  • Pedigree cats and dogs are usually more attractive to thieves, which means they are a higher insurance risk
  • Some pedigree cats and dogs have a higher risk of congenital medical conditions or genetic disorders, which again makes them a higher insurance risk

If you’re in the market for rabbit insurance, though, you will be pleased to know that the breed of rabbit you own usually makes little to no difference to the cost of your insurance.

How to find cheap pet insurance

As we already mentioned, ensuring your animal is up to date with its vaccinations and booster shots can help reduce the cost of insuring your pet, as can getting your cat or dog neutered.

Beyond that, there are a few other things you can do to increase the likelihood that you’ll find cheaper pet insurance:

  • Keep your cat or dog indoors, since house cats and house dogs are less likely to be stolen or run away from home
  • Insure multiple animals under the same multi-pet insurance policy, which should prove cheaper than insuring each pet separately
  • Opt for a higher excess, particularly when your cat or dog is young and healthy
  • Consider accident-only pet insurance if you’re unable to afford more comprehensive coverage. Accident-only policies are less appropriate when your cat or dog is older and more prone to illness, but may be suitable for young, healthy pets.
Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk “With research suggesting a dog can cost its owner as much as £30,000 during the course of its lifetime, it should come as no surprise that a pet’s veterinary bills have the potential to be quite sizable if the animal suffers an accident or is diagnosed with an illness. Pets don’t have the NHS to fall back on, of course, so a good pet insurance policy really is the best way to protect your furry friend… and safeguard your finances.”Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk.

What pet insurance should I get?

Choosing the right pet insurance plan will really depend on a variety of factors that are specific to you and your pets needs. This will include factors such as your budget, the type of pet you have, their age, and any pre-existing conditions they may have, although these are mostly excluded as standard from many UK pet insurance policies. Ultimately the best pet insurance coverage for you will come down to what policy best fits all your needs and budget, this is something you find out by comparing multiple quotes online with our comparison service.

Why do a pet insurance comparison?

By comparing multiple pet insurance quotes you can effectively increase your chances of finding a real deal. Not all insurers are equal and many run offers or discounts at differing times. This means no insurer will provide the cheapest pet insurance indefinitely so you are always better off comparing quotes from multiple lenders. 

Compare pet insurance quotes now