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What do I need to know about Driving School Insurance?

Teaching people to drive may be a rewarding experience as it could give people a life skill, help them to be confident and give them the freedom to travel all over the UK and beyond. Helping people learn to drive however is not usually without risk and also when running a driving school could require significant investment in vehicles.

Using a vehicle to teach someone to drive may mean that regular car insurance is not enough to cover all aspects of teaching as well as being able to get the right replacement vehicle should one ever be needed.

Having a driving school vehicle tends to mean using a vehicle for business purposes and quite often on regular car insurance policies only social, domestic, pleasure and commuting journeys is covered. Driving school insurance could give owners the option to use a vehicle or multiple vehicles for tuition and driving tests as well as get cover for running this kind of business.

What driving school insurance might cover?

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of driving school insurance could be that it enables a person to use a vehicle for their business without worrying about what would happen if something went wrong. Driving school insurance may work out more expensive that regular car insurance but it could mean knowing that the driver and anyone learning or as a passenger is safe.

Having this kind of insurance cover could mean that an instructor is covered to use the vehicle with any driver or examiner. It could also mean that a modified car such as a dual control vehicle is covered and that a like for like replacement vehicle may be available if needed. A driving school insurance policy could provide the flexibility that any instructor might be looking for in their line of work.

Finding the right driving school insurance cover

Getting cheap driving school insurance might be the goal of many who are looking to keep their outgoings low. Therefore in order to save money on insurance it might be a good idea to compare driving school insurance online. This could not only be much more convenient but it could give a cheaper deal to driving school owners albeit this isn’t necessarily guaranteed. Searching for this kind of insurance may be tricky for someone who isn’t that familiar with which kind of companies offer specialist insurance of this nature. A comparison could provide access to companies or brokers that could help and quickly. This means that driving schools won’t be without insurance for too long and could get on with business of teaching people to drive.

Getting a cheap deal on driving school cover

Paying as little as possible might be what most people are looking for when it comes to insurance but this may not always be the case. What could be most important is making sure that the cover is adequate for the needs of a driving school. This could mean paying that bit more to get extended cover or add extra parts to a typical policy. Teaching people to drive is not without risk and so paying more than a regular motorist is perhaps to be expected. However, a specialist could help to get an affordable rate that includes drivers under 25 and those without any driving experience.

What does any driver cover mean?

Learning to drive is likely to mean someone has little or no experience of driving a car. It could be impossible to learn to drive without any actual driving time behind the wheel. As such many driving school insurance policies may have any driver cover which could mean that any driver could use the insured vehicle regardless of their experience when under tuition. It may also mean that any examiner could use such a vehicle as providing insurance details ahead of carrying out a test is pretty impractical.

Cover for hire or reward

When it comes to making money using a vehicle it usually means declaring this on any insurance policy otherwise it could invalidate any policy. A driving school will be earning money from anyone receiving tuition in any of their vehicles and so it is likely to be an important requirement and condition of securing the right policy.

What modifications might be included on driving school insurance?

A standard vehicle doesn’t usually come with many modifications after market. However a driving school vehicle could have several changes made to it which require mention on car insurance. With a specific driving school policy they may be included as a matter of course. Things like dual controls, additional mirrors and speedometers, signage or disability equipment may all be components of a learner vehicle. It may be possible to have these features as part of the premium although it is always necessary to note which ones are on a vehicle for insurance purposes.

Exclusions and excesses

It is probably a good decision to check a policy thoroughly before committing to purchase. Agreeing an excess up front is also a requirement of driving school insurance – thinking carefully about what might be affordable.

Taking note of any exclusions on the policy could also save any irregularities further down the line and means that everyone involved with the driving school knows what is covered.

Having driving school insurance in the UK may be a legal requirement but could be well worth the investment in the long term.