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What’s the difference between flood damage and ‘escape of water’?

Most home insurance policies include cover for water damage as standard, but from an insurer’s perspective there are different types of water damage and they aren’t all treated the same. With some home insurance policies this could mean that your level of cover for some specific events isn’t quite as robust as you might think – leaving you with an expensive surprise.

Driving with a trailer - what are the insurance implications?

Trailers are handy for all sorts of things, whether you’re taking garden waste to the tip or transporting heavier items like bikes or furniture. But does your car insurance cover you when you’re driving with a trailer, or should you take out a separate trailer insurance policy?

Why is van insurance so expensive?

From sorting out your servicing and MOT, to arranging the right insurance policy and filling up the fuel tank, owning a van can be an expensive business. But why does it cost more to insure a van than you’d pay for car insurance?

What is pillion cover?

Whether you own a moped, a scooter, or a more powerful motorcycle, it’s possible you might want a friend or family member to ride pillion at some stage. But will your motorbike insurance cover this, or do you need separate pillion cover?

Is it worth insuring an old dog?

Older dogs often face higher veterinary bills due to a host of possible medical conditions that can develop in old age, but some pet insurance policies will specifically exclude these conditions from coverage when the policy is renewed. With that in mind, is it still worth insuring an old dog?

When should travel insurance start?

If you’ve already booked your holiday then sorting out your travel insurance should be your next priority, because leaving it to the last minute could cost you more than you realise.

What is lifetime pet insurance?

A lifetime pet insurance policy could be a great way to ensure your pet has the protection they need, but it’s most beneficial if you sign up for the policy when your dog or cat is relatively young and healthy.

What happens to my insurance if my car is written off?

No driver wants to have their car written off, but if you ever find yourself in this situation it’s important to be aware of what it will mean for your existing car insurance policy – and how the three different levels of car insurance cover could affect the size of your payout.

By how much might three penalty points increase your car insurance?

Speeding violations have reached record highs in recent years, and millions of drivers in the UK now have penalty points on their licence as a result of speeding as well as a range of other motoring offences. But what affect are those points likely to have on the cost of their car insurance?

What happens if my car insurance is cancelled due to non-disclosure?

Can you tow a car if it's uninsured?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to tow a car it’s vital that you understand the rules and regulations involved, particularly where insurance is concerned.

What vehicle modifications might void car insurance?

If you’re planning to modify your car in some way you might already be aware of the fact that some modifications can increase the cost of your car insurance, but what happens if you make the modifications after you’ve taken out your policy?

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