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Compare commercial property insurance with Quotezone

What is commercial property insurance?

Commercial property insurance can protect not just the money that you’ve invested, in the building and contents but also your ability to make future earnings. Cover can include buildings, stock, equipment, loss of income, business interruption, commercial property owners liability and employers liability.

Compare commercial property insurance with Quotezone

Getting insurance is often stressful, but through our online comparison tool, we hope to save you money and make it easy for you to do. Heres how you can go about getting quotes from insurance providers that operate in the UK: enter your details into our simple form and our insurance providers will then contact you directly and may provide you with a quotation, allowing you to compare the offerings. Easy!

What can commercial property insurance cover?

Commercial property insurance can cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your business premises if damaged. If you own the commercial property your business operates in this may be worth considering. If you rent the premises the responsibility for business premises insurance lies with the landlord. Commercial property insurance can also cover the cost of replacing damaged or stolen stock and equipment. Some commercial property policies will also include business interruption insurance, when damage to premises or equipment prevents the business operating as normal and will results in increased costs or decreased profits.

Types of commercial property

There are various different types of commercial property that you can obtain an insurance policy for, so whether you need cover for a Cafe, Distribution centre, Factory, Farm land, Fast food takeaway, Gallery, Garage, Hospital, Hotel, Industrial property, Land (Landowners), Medical centre, Multifamily housing building, Nursing/Care home, Office, Public house, Restaurant, Salon, Shop, Shopping centre, Sports facility, Studio, Surgery or Warehouse, Quotezone.co.uk can help.

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Commercial Property Insurance guide

On the whole commercial property insurance could be described as insurance for people that own business or commercial properties and rent them out. In most instances there will typically be a contract or legal agreement in place that means that any tenant has permission to utilise the property. A person who acts as a commercial landlord means they could access UK commercial property insurance.

Whilst commercial property insurance may not be compulsory it could prove invaluable if something happened to a business premises. Fire, flooding and even accidental damage could be catastrophic for any business and it any policy may help practically and financially. It could mean that any losses are taken care of and repairs could get underway quickly in order to get a business back on track. Find a suitable insurer needn’t be a struggle as specialist cover could be simple to find.

Is Commercial Property Insurance the same as Landlord Insurance?

It may seem that landlord insurance is the same as commercial property insurance however the two types of insurance may differ, particularly in the way a building is constructed and in terms of the type of tenant.

Commercial property insurance could include properties such as steel structures, barns, wooden premises and those with a flat roof. In terms inside the structure there may be a different type of heating system or complicated electrics that makes the whole premises much more niche when it comes to the type of insurance it may require.

Unusual structures, large premises and so on may require higher levels of cover which could be more complex than a typical landlord insurance policy could stretch to.

For tenants too any commercial insurer will usually evaluate the kind of usage that the building is for and the type of activities that go on there. For example they will consider how many people may be present in the building at any one time, if any hazardous materials may be used there and the type of industrial equipment used etc. Evaluating the likely risk could play a big part in determining the price of the premiums for any commercial property insurance.

What is covered by Commercial Property Insurance?

Ensuring that cover is sufficient from any insurance policy is likely to be a priority for many people. Commercial property insurance could include various alternatives for cover though it is probably worth checking the terms and conditions in full to make sure it is suitable. Options for commercial property insurance could include:

Property Owner’s Liability – this may be included within the premium or an added extra but could be a vital piece of cover in case a building owner is found liable for damage or injury due to neglect or a problem with the building such as loose flooring or an uneven step that someone subsequently falls upon. An owner rather than a tenant may be found responsible in this type of scenario as they may be required to maintain the building and ensure it is safe.

Rebuild Cost for Commercial Property – getting an accurate re-build amount included in the premium could be crucial in the event of an entire premises being destroyed. This may be the downfall of many insurance quotes for any kind of buildings cover as being underinsured could mean not having enough money to re-build which might signal the end of a business.

Rent Losses – it may be that a building is rendered unusable if an incident occurred such as a fire or flooding. Rent losses may be recoverable if a building can’t be used due an insurable event.

Contents Cover – depending on the nature of the business it may be the case that a landlord should consider contents insurance as part of their commercial property insurance policy. This could be necessary if a company is already fitted out for a hairdressers or café as an example as part of the tenancy arrangement. In these circumstances the landlord may wish to include landlord’s contents cover.

Accidental or Malicious Damage – this could include any damage that is carried out accidentally or with intent. These can be separate options to include and to decide which if any could be best it may be worth evaluating the business use and how secure the premises are. In terms of malicious damage it may be worth covering for damage caused on purpose as it may mean having enough money to put things right if the tenants damage a property during their tenancy.

Finding the right Commercial Property Insurance

Many business building owners may want the peace of mind that could come with knowing their building is adequately insured. Finding the right policy that matches all the requirements of a particular building or business could be half the battle for some people.

Choosing to look online could be a popular means of searching for a suitable policy and many might use this method to compare commercial property insurance and make sure that it has all the aspects needed.

Finding the right commercial property insurance could be more affordable this way and it could be much more convenient to contacting lots of insurance companies directly.

A comparison could give a business owner the flexibility to search for cover in their own time and at their own pace in order to secure the best policy. Whilst there are no guarantees a comparison could be much easier to navigate especially if a building is particularly unusual or complicated.