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Boat insurance – key points and general info

Boating might be a family activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether it be yachting, canoeing or speedboating there may be several adventures to be had on the water. The open water may seem very inviting and exploring together as a family unit or a group of friends might be the perfect way to relax and do something that everyone takes pleasure in. Exploring new places, travelling in the UK or overseas may be just part of the fun of boat ownership.

However, owning a boat of any kind could prove to be an expensive pastime, especially when considering the costs of insurance as well. Being in charge of a boat isn’t without risk and in many ways carries the same level of risk as being on the road in a car or other vehicle. In addition there is the risk that water and tides can be unpredictable so could be considered even more risky that a road which doesn’t actually move!

All the same risks apply too such as loss, theft, public liability, fire and accidents, so getting a boat insurance policy that covers everything could be a good reason to seek out a specialist insurance provider.

Regardless of the kind of boat a person owns it could be possible to find cheap boat insurance by carrying out a comparison. This could also encompass things like narrow boat insurance or jet ski insurance. Specialist boat cover could be found by tailoring an online search to meet a specific set of criteria.

Finding boat insurance online

With any kind of specialist insurance the best place to begin a search could be online. This way it may be possible to be put in touch with an insurance company or insurance broker that could help find a boat insurance policy that is suitable. Using a comparison to evaluate the most affordable solution for cheap boat insurance might be the quickest and most convenient way to get boat cover in place.

To compare boat insurance may also be the easiest way to see what cover is available and how that meets the needs of the boat owner. A comparison could mean that a person can enter in their details and information about their boat and get suitable insurance results for different policies.

Using a comparison may be proving a more popular way to secure a specialist policy such as boat insurance cover. Looking online could be much more straightforward that contacting individual insurance companies one by one.

Why is boat insurance necessary?

Whilst boat insurance may not be a legal requirement in the UK it could still be wise to invest in a policy as soon as a boat purchase is made. The investment in any kind of boat is not likely to be cheap and so protecting an asset such as a yacht or other kind of vessel could be essential, especially if the owner cannot be with their boat all the time.

Boat insurance may be a requirement if a person has taken out marina finance or in order to comply with marina rules or requirements from a harbour or waterways authority. Keeping a boat at a third party premises could mean having to comply with their regulations and this could well include mandatory production of a suitable boat insurance policy.

It is usually a good idea to investigate suitable boat insurance cover as soon as a boat purchase is made in order to ensure that any boat has the maximum protection from the start.

Benefits of boat insurance

Like any kind of insurance policy having boat insurance in place could give valuable peace of mind to the owner that it could have protection in the event of an accident, fire, theft or other incident.

A typical boat insurance policy could give personal accident cover as well as financial cover in the event of loss, damage etc. There could also be the option to add legal cover, no claims protection and other additional benefits. Boat owners may be able to personalise their quote according to their circumstances.

Boat insurance may not be legally required but there may be many benefits both financial and practical in nature as well as the knowledge that means boat owners can enjoy their boat without worry.

Exclusions on boat policies

There may be exclusions to be aware of before buying any boat insurance cover which any owner could be wise to investigate to make sure they won’t be caught out.

  • Know the true value of a boat – in order to get an accurate quote from any online comparison it is usually important to know the market value. Anything that is under or over insured may run the risk of not paying out enough or being declared void if inaccuracies are found.
  • Wear and tear isn’t generally covered – as per most kinds of insurance it does not tend to cover wear and tear or depreciation in this way. As such when taking out boat cover people would need to be sure that the policy is suitable for their needs.

Using a comparison for boat insurance

For the greatest convenience when shopping for boat insurance using a comparison service could provide just that. Nobody ideally wants to spend too much time searching for prices and carrying out analysis of different policies. This is why a simple comparison search with some basic details could be the best option to evaluate the boat insurance marketplace.

Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk “If you’ve bought a boat in order to explore the open seas you might already know that boat insurance usually isn’t a legal requirement for those sea-bound leisure trips. What many boating enthusiasts may not know, though, is that if you ever plan to take your boat into inland waterways boat insurance is often mandatory. But whether you are legally obliged to take out boat insurance or not, it may still be worth investing in a policy – most boats are worth a lot of money, after all, so it’s a wise idea to protect that investment.”, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk.