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Cheap Courier Insurance

Compare courier insurance quotes for cars, vans, bikes and lorries with Quotezone

Courier insurance is important if you drive a van, car, bike or truck to deliver goods in transit to your valued customers.

Quotezone could help you save time and money on your courier insurance

Courier insurance can be important for your livelihood if you drive a van, car, bike or truck to deliver goods in transit to your valued customers. But trying to find cheap courier insurance online for your fleet or vehicle can be a long and arduous task and one that you don’t necessarily have time for.

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So why not give Quotezone a try now and see if we could help save you money on your courier insurance? Whether you ride a motorcycle, bike or drive an HGV lorry or Transit van, we could help you find a cheap courier insurance policy.

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All of our panel members are FCA regulated and waiting to give you their best courier insurance quotation now. When you are delivering and collecting parcels for your customers, you want to be sure you are properly insured and you certainly don’t want to pay more than you have to in order to get the best service and the most competitive courier quotes available.

Compare cheap courier insurance quotes and start saving today!

Courier insurance guide

As a courier, or someone running a business operating courier delivery services, a person may already be aware there are likely to be more risks associated with driving courier vans or cars than other vehicles. The greater potential for accidents within the profession means drivers are likely to pay more for courier insurance than they would for regular insurance.

This could make it even more important to shop around and compare courier insurance provided by different NI companies. It also makes sense to find out more about the different aspects of this form of insurance, so people know what to look for.

Make sure the vehicle is fully insured

It is usually very important to get proper cover for a vehicle (or vehicles). Courier insurance is designed to cover vehicles that perform multiple pick-ups and drop-offs within a specific area. This is different to haulage insurance, which tends to cover larger lorries that cover large long-distance jobs to a single destination.

Fully-comprehensive insurance is probably the best bet, as it will pay out for damage done to a vehicle in the event of an accident. Drivers could look for courier insurance Northern Ireland that provides this level of cover. Regardless of whether a person is the cause of an accident or not, they could get their vehicle repaired under the terms of fully-comprehensive cover. This could literally keep a business on the road.

If a person owns a courier business with several vehicles, they may wish to consider fleet courier insurance NI. This has a couple of advantages. Firstly, it means they could cover all their vehicles under a single policy which might be much easier to cope with if they need to make a claim, or if they simply need to renew it. Secondly, it could potentially be cheaper than getting lots of individual policies. Its also quicker to locate the details of the insurer if they should ever need to get in touch with them. Four vehicles with four separate insurance policies, one for each, could get complicated especially if they then add further vehicles to the collection.

Dont forget goods-in-transit insurance

While looking online for an insurance comparison, it could be wise to make sure to look for goods-in-transit insurance as well. Without it, the goods that a driver might have in the back of a vehicle would not be covered in the event of an accident.

When considering this type of policy in Northern Ireland, finding out about any exclusions that may be attached to it may also be useful. Certain items may not be covered. The chances are owned goods will be, but if the vehicle carries anything unusual it could be worth checking the information given.

Furthermore, more expensive items may not necessarily be covered. For instance, if someone regularly deliver iPads, smart phones and computers, they may find a regular policy won’t cover these items. This is because they are more attractive to be stolen than other items. Imagine an idling van, sitting by the roadside while the driver makes a delivery. An opportunist thief could gain access and quickly steal a few items without them realising. If someone delivers items like this, they might want to make sure they will be covered for them even if it might mean an additional premium.

Get complete peace-of-mind with public liability insurance too

All successful courier businesses typically have regular contact with their customers. This is why public liability insurance is a must-have. It doesn’t matter whether someone runs a courier company or if they are going solo. In every case, public liability insurance might protect against accidents and incidents that could potentially cause harm to other people.

These people don’t have to be customers either. A driver might accidentally run over someones foot as they are standing by the edge of the pavement. If they are found to be at fault, the insurance could cover any potential payout that might result from a court case.

Incidentally, employers liability insurance is also a good idea if someone employs drivers to act as couriers on their behalf. This works in a similar way to public liability insurance, except that it covers any injuries sustained by an employess found to be at fault.

Could someone get all-in-one cover?

Mainstream insurers may potentially be unable to offer insurance policies that are tailored to the specific needs of a courier, or owner of a courier company. This is one of the main reasons why searching for cheap courier insurance via a specialist insurer could prove to be a good idea. Instead of getting goods-in-transit, vehicle cover and public liability from three different providers, a courier could find one insurer may provide the lot under one policy.

This may be preferable because then there is only one policy to pay for and stay up-to-date with. When renewal time rolls around, the business could renew that single policy and thats it. This might be far better than having to renew three or more policies from different providers something owners may not have time for as a busy courier.

Shopping around for cover

Doing an online comparison is often preferable to using other methods of shopping around for cover. It generally takes less time, and much of the hard work is done by the comparison service. Companies such as CompareNI.com could compare many more specialist insurers in this field than an individual would be able to. this could mean someone is able to get the courier insurance cheap deal they really want. Using CompareNI could also potentially save time time that could be spending building the courier business.

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