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Insurance for a Care Home  

As a care home owner or manager, the well-being, comfort and safety of your residents is of primary importance. People are your business. So, protecting their home against accidents and damages can remove unnecessary stress for both you and them.  Whilst many clients will take out insurance for care home fees, there is only so much these individual policies will cover. That’s why it is paramount that care home owners have the right coverage in place to protect against the unexpected for the benefit of their residents.

When protected by care home insurance in the UK, you can also better secure your business against unexpected events. These can include fire, burst pipes, or subsidence to name a few. This insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind, knowing that these potential risks have been adequately covered. 

Is care home insurance mandatory in the UK? 

No. Care home insurance is not mandatory in the UK. 

However, regulatory bodies may very well require appropriate levels of insurance to be in place for a care home. Licensing and registration may be dependent on this. Also, bodies like the NHS may refuse to enter into contracts with a care home without proper insurance. 

To insure a care home you can use our platform Quotezone.co.uk to compare a large number of quotes from many of the UK’s leading insurers. It’s a really simple way to find insurance that works for your care home.  

 What insurance covers in-home care?

Care home insurance can encompass various levels of coverage. While all employers will need employer liability coverage by law in the UK, you can also consider: 

Additional covers you might also consider could include professional indemnity insurance. Depending on the insurer they may bundle the various covers into one policy or you will need to include them as add-ons.  

Care home insurance is designed to suit your specific situation and requirements. No two care homes are the same and therefore the cost of care home insurance policies will be different for everyone. 

What is not covered by care home commercial property insurance? 

The level of coverage will depend on the insurance that you select or bundle when taking out your policy. It is always important to carefully consider what is and isn’t included before you buy. Or check the details of the policy for limitations and exclusions. While care home insurance has many different coverage options, common exclusions are: 

  • Claims resulting from Illegal actions. 
  • Intentional acts of damage or harm. 
  • Disputes that were known before the policy started. 
  • Damage that occurs after the policy has ended. 
  • Any limitations on the coverage as outlined in the policy details. 

One type of cover will typically exclude elements that are covered by a different type of insurance. Public liability, for example, covers injury and property damage to the public or third parties. However, it doesn’t cover employee injury. You would need employer’s liability insurance for that. Employer liability is also a legal requirement for all UK businesses. 

Another example would be content cover exclusions. Residents’ personal belongings may be excluded from care home contents insurance. However, you could choose to provide insurance for the possessions of residents. This would mean residents would not have to provide their own insurance for possessions that they keep in the care home. This could ease their expenses and factor into decisions when choosing a care home.  

How much does it cost to insure a care home in the UK on average? 

Each care home is different in size and scope. The cost of this type of insurance policy depends on the specialised needs of an individual care home. To get an idea of the cost, the best option could be to compare personalised quotes. 

Our comparison site, Quotezone.co.uk, captures your needs and finds suitable home care insurance quotes for you. This lets you quickly determine what you should expect to pay. 

Does the location of a care home affect the cost of insuring the property? 

Yes. Location is typically considered a marker of risk to insurers. 

Here are some examples of high-risk locations that could affect commercial property insurance quotes: 

  • Areas that are likely to flood – Low-lying areas may be more susceptible to flooding than areas which are well above flood level. 
  • Areas that are in an earthquake zone – If your location is subject to frequent tremors or earthquakes and there are breakages as a result, this could be a reason for an increase in claims. 
  • Crime rates in your area – Higher crime rates increase the risk of theft or vandalism. 

Does the number of rooms in the property affect the cost of insuring a care home? 

The number of rooms in the care home will most likely affect the cost of insuring it. More rooms reflect the size and potentially the value of the property. This will naturally increase the premium. 

If you have a sizeable care home, costs can escalate. You’ll want to find cheap care home insurance to keep running costs to a minimum. Before taking the first offer that comes your way, try our comparison site at Quotezone.co.uk. By comparing quotes, you stand a much better chance of finding cheaper insurance. 

Does the age of the property affect care home insurance? 

Yes. Typically, the age of a property will affect care home insurance, especially when the property is not in prime condition. Maintenance is important. A lack of maintenance on a property can be reflected in a history of claims. And this will increase the cost of care home property insurance in the long run.  

Is it true that care home insurance will be more expensive if the building has a flat roof? 

Yes, it’s possible, but not always the case. 

If your care home has a flat or slightly sloping roof, you might find your care home building insurance to be more expensive. Here are a few reasons why:  

  • A flat roof might not be able to cope with adverse weather conditions in the way that a normally pitched roof does.  
  • Heavy rains and snow may cause damage.  
  • A flat roof can be built from less durable materials, making it prone to leaking.  
  • This could result in more frequent claims.  

What steps can we take to increase our chances of finding cheap care home insurance? 

To find cheap care home insurance products, you could benefit from comparing quotes side-by-side. It’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each policy before you buy.  

At Quotezone.co.uk, we endeavour to make the process of comparing a large number of quotes as simple as possible. After filling out a short form, you’ll have access to multiple quotes from insurers nationwide. It’s a simple way to eliminate expensive quotes. 

Additionally, taking measures like opting for a greater deductible and having excellent safety and security measures in place can potentially lower premiums. 

If we install a burglar alarm in the building does that guarantee that we’ll get cheaper insurance for a care home? 

It might, but this ultimately depends on the policy and your insurance provider. However, having a good burglar alarm system in your building is a good idea overall. This is especially true if your care home is situated in a location where burglaries are common. The knock-on effect of this could be fewer insurance claims. Which makes it a potentially good way to bring down your care home insurance costs. 

Should I use a commercial property insurance broker when I need to insure a care home? 

The most important thing to do is to shop around. The more options you can assess the greater your chances of securing the right policy for the best price. Our team at Quotezone.co.uk have worked hard to provide access to a wide range of insurers who offer specialist care home insurance. Not only can our platform help you compare many options easily, but it’s also likely that with us you can find what you need more quickly. There will be no waiting around for answers from a broker, and you will be in control of the process.  

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