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  • Find your best offer from over 4,000+ verified dealers
  • Get up to £1,000 more*
  • Sell your car in as little as 24 hours
  • Get free home collection and fast payment
  • Free vehicle valuation, with no obligation

Ready to sell your car?


Over 4,000 car dealers

Quotezone.co.uk has partnered with Motorway to give you access to over 4,000 car dealers.


Sell your car for free

Sell online, without the hassle.


Save time and money

One short form is all it takes.


No-obligation vehicle valuation

Get a free car valuation, with no obligation to sell.

Sell Your Car Fast & Online

Quotezone.co.uk is one of the UK’s leading price comparison websites, and we’ve teamed up with Motorway to help you sell your vehicle online, taking the hassle out of selling your car while ensuring you’re able to sell your car fast.

Simply enter your reg number, provide a couple of details about you and your car, and voila: a free, no-obligation valuation to give you an idea of how much your car is worth.

If you’re happy with that estimated valuation for your car they’ll then find the verified dealer from their nationwide network of 4,000+ dealers who’ll pay the most for your car, with no hassle. With our ‘sell my car online’ service you could sell your car in as little as 24 hours, without all the hassle of classified ads!

Can I sell my car quickly with this service?

Yes, Quotezone.co.uk’s ‘sell my car online’ service will provide an instant car valuation, and if you’re happy with the offer for your car you could sell your car fast – in fact, some sellers are able to sell their car in as little as 24 hours, start to finish.

What information do I need to provide when I’m selling a car online?

When you’re selling a car online through Quotezone.co.uk’s partner Motorway, you’ll need to provide your car’s reg number and the vehicle’s total mileage, as well as a few basic details about yourself – your name, email address, phone number and postcode.

How can I be sure I’ll get the best price for my car?

After you enter a few details into our ‘sell my car’ form you’ll be given a fee, no-obligation valuation for your vehicle, which should give you a rough idea of how much dealers are likely to offer for your car.

Enter a few details and Motorway will then find your best offer from over 4,000 verified dealers in their nationwide network.

This means you stand a far better getting of getting the best price for your car than if you tried to sell your car through the classifieds. It’s 100% free and your buying dealer will collect your vehicle from home, contact free.

Does the platform let me sell my car for cash?

Quotezone.co.uk’s ‘sell my car’ service allows you to sell your car contact-free, which means you won’t be handed a physical wad of cash for your car. But after you sell your car online you will get the cash transferred to your bank account on the same day, and that’s arguably better than a handful of notes!

I’m ready to sell my vehicle but I’m confused about how to do it online – what do I need to know?

Quotezone.co.uk has partnered with Motorway for its ‘sell my car online’ service in order to make the process of selling your vehicle as simple and straightforward as possible. You will only have to provide a very modest amount of info, and you won’t be under any obligation to proceed even after you receive your free car valuation.

It’s also worth noting that with their service there is no haggling or hassle, you won’t be charged any fees by Quotezone.co.uk or Motorway, and if you do proceed with the sale, the funds will be transferred into your bank account, usually by same-day transfer.

*Based on a survey of 2,079 customers who sold their car on Motorway between 1st March and 22nd July 2021, analysed and independently verified by Blue Yonder Research in August 2021. 42% of consumers achieved £1,000 or more with Motorway than their initial quote from other companies.