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Static Holiday Caravan Insurance

Get the best static holiday caravan insurance for you

Having your own home away from home is a dream for many. If you have a static holiday home and you are looking to compare holiday caravan insurance, read on to find answers to some important questions. 

Do I really need to insure my static caravan?

You are not legally obliged to insure your static holiday caravan. However, some holiday parks might not allow you to rent a space without adequate insurance your caravan. Insurance protects it from damage when you aren’t there, and of course when you are. 

Can I live in my holiday caravan all year?

No, you can’t. If your holiday caravan is on a caravan site or park, you are not able to live there permanently. Should you wish to move into your static caravan full time, you would have to transport it to a residential park that has obtained permission from the council.

What kind of cover can I choose from? 

You can keep your cover as simple or as multifaceted as you wish. Caravan insurance pretty much always covers you for damage caused by fire, flood, storm or theft. 

Some providers offer you protection against homecare emergencies. This might be lost keys, repair services for plumbing and drainage or repairs on boilers or your heating source. 

When comparing holiday caravan insurance be sure to look at options to take out legal protection and cover should you be letting your caravan out to other users. 

Do you pay council tax on a static holiday caravan?

No you don’t. This is because you don’t live there full time. Most people will spend only a fraction of the year at their holiday caravan. For those people who live on a residential park, council tax is payable because the caravan is their permanent abode. 

Is a static caravan a good investment?

A static caravan might be a great investment for your wellbeing, it is not necessarily to good financial investment. Caravans like cars, tend to depreciate in value. You will also find many expenses come with the luxury of a static holiday caravan. You will pay ground rent monthly, maintenance fees and utility costs. 

What are the pitfalls to buying a static caravan?

The pitfalls are financial. Whilst your static holiday home might provide you with rest, relaxation and some much needed away time, it will drain your savings. If you don’t consider these before you buy, you might find that the associated costs leave you feeling less than relaxed. Be mindful of bills like pitch fees and the general day to day management of the caravan. 

Where can I get the cheapest car insurance for my holiday caravan?

We understand that you would prefer to be packing suitcases than searching for static holiday caravan insurance. We can compare quotes for you and find competitive cover for your caravan. Visit us at Quotezone.co.uk or give us a call.

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