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Understanding Bus Insurance

If your business involves driving buses, coaches or minibuses to ferry other passengers around, you may need proper bus insurance cover to make sure you are fully covered in the event of any accident or mishap.

As you might expect, you won’t necessarily get cheap bus insurance from just any insurer. You need to find a broker or insurer that specialises in bus insurance in order to get the best value for money and the best cover that matches your requirements.

This bus insurance guide should help you to understand more about this type of cover and what to look out for when doing a bus insurance comparison. .

How does bus insurance differ from normal car insurance?

Car insurance is generally a lot more straightforward than bus insurance – there are less variables to consider. When you compare bus insurance policies you will see that they cover different arrangements and situations, from varying passenger capacity to multi-driver policies. Not all of them are as comprehensive as each other, so it is wise not to go on price alone.

Bus insurance is also a commercial insurance policy, which can be very pricey. This is why a bus insurance comparison is essential to find the most competitive policy that covers everything you need it to. In short, bus insurance may be slightly more complex than car or van insurance not least because you may be carrying passengers in a commercial sense.

Things to think about when looking for cheap bus insurance

The cost of your bus insurance will vary depending on several things. For example the larger the vehicle the more passengers it can take, and thus the insurance cost is likely to be larger. In addition, if you have a fleet of buses or minibuses you will also pay more for the policy, but the average cost per vehicle will depreciate. Fleet insurance is available if you have several vehicles and it may prove cheaper to go by this route.

As with any other type of insurance, cheap bus insurance is possible if you exclude certain things and have higher excesses. But this isn’t usually wise, as it can cost you dear if you do have an accident.

We hope this guide has been of use to you. Remember the golden rule is to always compare bus insurance policies against each other and be truthful during the process.

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