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Current accounts

For Current Account Comparison, We'd Like To Introduce You To Our Preferred Provider, Lovemoney*

Current accounts

Current Accounts
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For Current Account Comparison, We'd Like To Introduce You To Our Preferred Provider, Lovemoney*

Compare current accounts

Whether you’re looking for a student account for heading off to university or a business account for all your commercial needs, you can find all these accounts here in one place. Ever considered switching your current account? Its easier than you think. Well compare all types of current account so you can get more for your money.

How does a current account work?

A current account offers a secure place to store your day-to-day money. So if you are looking for a new current account, to switch from an existing account or just a basic current account, compare our selection of the most popular UK current accounts below!

How much does a current account cost?

Current accounts traditionally offered little or no interest on in-credit balances, but with direct banking this has changed - Usually with an upper limit on how much you can earn you can now get interest rates higher than many savings accounts, for which a monthly fee or minimum monthly deposit is usually required. Please see below the most common types on the market.

Current account types
High interest current accounts

A high interest current account is a current account for day to day banking requirements which pays a higher amount of interest to the account holder on funds deposited within it than standard current accounts.

Online current accounts

People can now access their online current accounts 24/7 to deal with all of their banking needs. They can open online current accounts, transfer money, and even apply for loans, mortgages and credit cards. Many financial institutions that operate solely as an online banking facility and most major banks now provide online banking.

Business current accounts

A business bank account has specifically tailored features and benefits for the needs of a business. There are many business banking facilities available offering varying rates of interests and benefits. Business bank accounts give better rates to businesses that open both current and saving business bank accounts.

Current bank accounts

A current bank account is a type of bank account offered by banks and building societies. People use current accounts for standard everyday transactions such as deposits and withdrawals of money. Current accounts offer a range of benefits to the user including cash withdrawal cards, cheque books, standing orders, direct debit facilities and interest paid on the money held in an account. Interest and benefits offered by current accounts will vary greatly from institution to institution.

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