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Exhibition Public Liability Insurance

Exhibition insurance is designed to provide protection from a range of risks to those in the exhibition industry. It is typically purchased by exhibitors, event organisers, or the exhibition venue itself.

There are several factors that affect the cost of exhibition insurance and these can include the size and nature of the exhibition, the duration, local regulations, and many more. Exhibition insurance typically provides coverage for liability claims that are made by a member of the public. This can include physical injuries, property or belonging damage, and the resulting legal and compensation costs that come with such a claim. 

If you have an exhibition that you want to insure, or you are going to be an exhibitor at an event and you are looking for unbiased, independent price comparisons, then visit Quotezone.co.uk.

Who needs exhibition insurance? 

Exhibition insurance covers a range of risks including liability, injury, and property damage. Some of the key parties that may need exhibition insurance include: 

  • Event organisers 
  • Exhibitors 
  • Venues 
  • Art galleries 
  • Artists 
  • Collectors 
  • Museums 
  • Event sponsors 

The specific insurance needs can vary depending on the type of exhibition, the potential risks, and the contractual requirements of the event.

Is public liability insurance for an exhibition mandatory? 

Whether public liability insurance (PLI) for an exhibition is a mandatory requirement depends on several factors, These factors include: 

  1. Venue Policies: Many venues, particularly larger more professional ones may require event organisers to have exhibition public liability insurance. 
  2. Local regulations: Local regulations and ordinances may require event organisers to have PLI for exhibitions and events, in some regions. 
  3. Nature of the exhibition: The type of exhibition and the potential risks associated with it can have an impact on whether exhibition PLI is required. 
  4. Contractual agreements: Venues may include PLI clauses into contracts, requiring the event organiser to get PLI. 
  5. Event size and scale: Larger exhibitions with valuable exhibits or high attendance numbers are more likely to require PLI. 
How much does exhibition public liability insurance cost, on average? 

The cost of exhibition public liability insurance is highly individualised and depends on several factors, These factors include: 

  • The size and nature of the exhibition: Larger exhibitions with more attendees, potentially hazardous activities, and valuable exhibits will typically come with higher insurance costs. 
  • Coverage limits: Typically the higher the coverage limits the more expensive the insurance. 
  • Duration of coverage: Longer exhibitions will typically have higher insurance costs. 
  • Insurance provider: Insurance rates may differ between insurers. 
  • Deductibles: Generally the higher the deductible is the lower the insurance rate. 

For an accurate personalised quote for exhibition public liability insurance for your specific event, it is advisable to use a comparison website like Quotezone.co.uk when looking for public liability insurance for an exhibition. 

Can I take out exhibition liability insurance for a single day? 

Exhibition liability insurance policies are flexible and can be customised to suit your needs whether it is coverage needed for one day or more. One-day insurance can provide you with the same levels of coverage as longer PLI insurance policies. So you can still have the same protection from third-party claims, property damage, and other risks associated with your exhibition. 

 Can I find short-term exhibit insurance that’s valid for longer than a day? 

As exhibit insurance is flexible and can be customised to suit your needs, you will be able to find short-term insurance that can mirror the duration of the exhibition. 

Many insurance companies will offer the following options: 

Multi-Day coverage: If you are looking for insurance that lasts longer than a day, but you do not need the coverage for a year then this is a good option for you. 

Month-to-month: If your exhibition is scheduled to run for a few weeks or months then a policy that can be renewed on a month-to-month basis could suit your needs. 

Tailor-made terms: Generally exhibition insurance can be customised to suit your needs and the duration of the exhibit regardless of the duration of the exhibition. Typically the longer the coverage is needed for, the more expensive the policy will be.  

Will the location of the exhibition affect the cost of exhibition PLI? 

The cost of public liability insurance for exhibitions can vary widely based on the geographic location of the event. There are several factors related to location that can impact the cost of event insurance for exhibitions, these include: 

  • Local insurance regulations: Some regions may have stricter regulations, which can result in higher premiums. 
  • Claims in the area: Areas with a higher frequency of claims or liability issues may have higher insurance rates. 
  • Venue type: Higher insurance rates may be charged for venues that have a history of incidents and claims.   
Will the nature of the exhibit affect the cost of my public liability insurance? 

The cost of public liability insurance (PLI) is affected by many factors, and the nature of the exhibit is one of these factors. The ways that the nature of the exhibit can affect the cost of insurance, include: 

  • Type of coverage: Certain exhibits may require specialised insurance. 
  • Risk level: Some events of exhibitions may be costlier to insure as there is a greater likelihood of accidents or injuries occurring. 
  • Audience size: Typically the greater the number of attendees, the higher the risks and costs are to insure the exhibit or event. 
  • History of claims: If there is a history of claims associated with your event you may find that your insurance rates will be higher. 
  • Safety measures: Putting safety protocols in place may help you to mitigate the costs of insuring the exhibition. 
What types of risks does exhibition insurance insure me against? 

Exhibition insurance or event insurance, provides coverage for a range of risks associated with hosting and organising exhibitions, special events, and trade shows. The common types of risks that event insurance can typically provide coverage for, are as follows: 

  • Third-party injury
  • Third-party property damage
  • Damage caused by your employees
  • Legal expenses
  • Compensation expenses
What are the typical policy exclusions on public liability insurance for exhibitions? 

Policy exclusions can vary between insurance providers and the type of policy. Your insurance policy will stipulate which circumstances and types of events are not covered by your policy.  These can include: 

  • Contractual liabilities 
  • Intentional acts 
  • Professional services 
  • Alcohol-related claims 
  • Acts of nature 
  • Pollution and environmental claims

It is important that mitigate any risks that are excluded from this coverage. This can be achieved with things like employers’ liability insurance and product liability insurance. You can always tailor your coverage to meet the unique risks and needs associated with insuring your exhibition.