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Festival Public Liability Insurance

Festivals are a favoured pastime in the UK. Crowds gather regularly on festival grounds to enjoy their best-loved music, festival foods, and a kaleidoscope of cultural activities. There’s no doubt that festivals are a good way to bring communities together and strengthen the bonds between people. 

Festival goers may travel from far and wide to join the festivities. Logistics for these types of events can be challenging for event organisers. The last thing they need is to worry about unforeseen liabilities. The solution for this is public liability insurance for festivals, an insurance that is tailor-made for events such as these. 

If you are a festival organiser in search of public liability insurance, you could make use of a handy comparison site like Quotezone.co.uk to find and compare multiple quotes from many different insurance providers from across the UK. You will easily be able to find affordable quotes for your festival insurance.  

Am I legally required to take out festival insurance? 

No, if you are organising a festival, you are not legally required to take out festival insurance. However, it is very risky not to have public liability insurance for a festival, no matter how big or small. Wherever groups of people are gathered, accidents can happen. 

Unforeseen incidents can be very costly for a festival organiser. If someone gets hurt because of festival activities or somehow there is damage done to someone’s property, you could be held liable. The cost of this can include anything from medical bills to lawyers fees or compensation payouts. 

Without public liability insurance (PLI), one incident could result in substantial financial problems. Public liability insurance for festivals is insurance that takes the specific risks of a festival into account. With this in place, you can enjoy the thrill of putting together such an event without worrying about potential liability costs. 

Is my festival covered by the hired venue’s public liability insurance? 

You should not count on a venue’s public liability insurance because their insurance is usually focused on incidents directly related to the infrastructure and might not necessarily extend to liabilities related to the activities of your event. 

For this, you will need the extra cover of public liability insurance for festivals. Make sure to clear up the insurance details with a venue before booking an event. Clarify what the inclusions and exclusions are when it comes to public liability. In any event, the stakeholders or sponsors of your event will likely want to see this in place to ensure the legal safety of the event. 

How much does festival insurance cost, on average? 

Public liability insurance for a festival will come at a different cost depending on the risk levels of your event. Typically, the amount of people you plan to host will affect the insurance costs, as well as the types of activities you’re offering. 

A big music festival with thousands of people where plenty of alcohol flows will be considered riskier than a poetry festival in a serene park. Location is also a factor that affects cost. Some areas are more prone to crime so the risks are higher. 

The type of coverage will also determine the insurance cost, so make sure you know the levels of coverage you want on your policy to make sure you don’t over or under-insure.

Does music festival insurance cost more than food festival insurance? 

It could be generalised that music festival insurance costs more than food festival insurance. But again it will depend on the level of risk involved in each event. Here are a few risk factors that could make a music festival insurance more expensive: 

  • Large crowds 
  • Loud music 
  • Stage and equipment hazards 
  • Alcohol and substance use  
Can I take out festival insurance for a single day? 

There is an option for single-day insurance, and short term PLI should your event only be running for a short time. This type of cover is designed for short events that need comprehensive coverage. If your event extends beyond a day due to set-up and clean-up times, it may be wise to take out longer-term festival PLI insurance to cover all of your bases. From the moment you begin with festival activities on the premises until the last moment, you could be liable for injuries or property damage. 

Is short-term festival insurance cheaper than a policy that covers several days? 

Festival organiser insurance that only covers one day will likely be less expensive than a multi-day policy. But again, the cost also depends on the size and nature of your event.
A large event catering for thousands of people on one day could be paying more than an art festival that runs for a couple of days but only expects handfuls of people at a time. The risk factors are what ultimately determine the cost of insurance. 

Will the location of the event affect the cost of event insurance for a festival? 

Yes, festival PLI costs will be affected by the location of the event. Here are some reasons why location can be a risk: 

  • Crime rates – Some areas statistically have higher crime rates which raises the risk levels. 
  • Accessibility – Some events are held in rural areas which might be more challenging to access. This could lead to injuries and damages to attendee property. 
  • Terrain – The terrain where the event is held could be difficult for older people or those with disabilities to navigate. This raises the risk levels. 
  • Weather patterns – Some areas are more prone to bad weather. Weather can cause all kinds of problems, which inevitably increases the risk level. 
What types of risks does liability insurance for a festival insure me against? 

Liability insurance for a festival typically insures you against the following incidents: 

  • Third-party injuries 
  • Third-party property damage 
  • Legal costs 
  • Compensation costs

A third party could be an attendee, a performer, or a staff member at your event. Having public liability insurance in place gives you financial security so you can focus on the important job of organising your event. 

What are the typical policy exclusions on public liability insurance for festivals? 

Event insurance for a festival will typically cover specific risks such as third-party injuries or property damages as well as any legal costs. Make sure that you’re well acquainted with the exclusions of your policy so that you’re not caught off guard. These typically include the following: 

  • Malicious acts or intentional neglect 
  • Damage to festival organisers’ property, whether owned or rented 
  • Liabilities outside of the time frame or scope of the policy 

If you have particular insurance needs that are not covered by a general festival insurance policy, be sure to mention this to your insurance provider.