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Golf Insurance

Find a specialist golf insurance provider that can provide you with a policy that best suits your needs.

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Do I really need golf insurance?

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or an absolute rookie, an acclaimed golf coach or an enthusiastic amateur, when you hit the golf course there’s always the risk of a stray ball or mistimed swing of the club injuring another player or damaging someone’s property. It might feel like a relatively small risk, but if you find yourself lumbered with a liability claim the potential costs could be anything but small – in fact, some golfers have faced costs amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds after injuring someone on the golf course.

Golf insurance can help offset this risk, by offering the golfer financial support if they are ever sued for damages by another individual or business.

In addition, golf insurance can help cover the cost of replacing your golf clubs if they’re stolen or damaged.

What types of things can golf insurance cover me against?

As with every type of insurance, golf insurance policies are designed to protect you against a range of different ‘insurable events’. While the types of things you’ll be covered for can vary from one insurance provider to the next, and the add-ons and level of coverage you choose can also affect what’s covered and what isn’t, a typical golf insurance policy can include things like:

  • Golf equipment cover – This policy feature can help cover the cost if your golf equipment is stolen, lost or damaged. It can include coverage for your golf clubs, balls, club bag, clothing, golfing trolley, range finders and other golfing accessories.
  • Personal Liability cover – Protects you from liability claims if someone is injured on the golf course and you are held liable.
  • Third party damage cover – Protects you from liability claims if someone’s property is damaged and you are held liable.
  • Hole-in-One cover – A policy feature that helps with the bar bill if you achieve a hole in one during a golf tournament.
How much coverage do I need for my golf equipment?

Many golfers have invested heavily in their equipment, but how much coverage you will require will usually depend on how much your clubs are worth.

The level of coverage with golf equipment cover typically ranges between £500 and £5,000, although it’s worth bearing in mind that the level of coverage you go for can affect your golf insurance premium.

Will my golf insurance policy cover me abroad?

Some golf insurance policies are only applicable to the UK, but many do provide worldwide cover.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that you’ll usually only be covered when you’re on the golf course or your travelling to or from the golf tournament. So if your golf clubs are stolen from your hotel room or car you may not covered for that.

Are there any other exclusions I need to be aware of?

Yes, most golf insurance policies will have a range of different exclusions you should be aware of. Some of the most common exclusions include:

  • Theft of golf equipment from an unlocked building, garage or shed
  • Theft of golf equipment from an unlocked vehicle
  • Liability claims involving an injury that didn’t occur on the golf course