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What can invalidate house insurance?


If so, Quotezone can help you to figure out why. We specialise in providing you with quotes on home insurance from a network of UK-based providers. When it comes to having a claim denied, we know how to help. Here’s everything you should be aware of when you get your home insurance claim or policy denied.

What can invalidate home insurance?

There is a list of things that might invalidate your home insurance. This list includes leaving your home unoccupied for longer than thirty days. If you rent out your home to another party, this could invalidate your home insurance. If you renovate or add new building work without updating your policy, this could invalidate any future claims. If you use your home as your place of business and do not tell your insurer, this may invalidate your homeowner’s insurance.

Does posting on social media invalidate home insurance?

Posting on social may invalidate your home insurance. If you go on holiday and post on a social network that you are away, this may affect the insurer’s judgement. If your home is burgled and you posted you were on holiday, it could negatively affect a decision. You should not post about insurance claims on social media, either.

Does leaving your door unlocked invalidate home insurance?

If you are claiming for a home break-in after you left the door open, this may invalidate any claim for home insurance that you subsequently make. Insurers may penalise you for not setting an alarm, too. Always check the terms and conditions of your policy to see what security measures you must comply with.

Why was my home insurance claim denied?

If your home insurance provider suspects you have inflamed the damages or costs, or that your insurance was invalid because of something you did, they may deny your claim.

There can be several reasons why home insurance claims are denied.

  • Misrepresentation of details – If you are not completely transparent about the details of your claim you run the risk of voiding your insurance coverage by omission.
  • Non-compliance of terms – If you do not meet the compliance terms of your insurance policy, such as taking the necessary steps to secure your home from break-ins as well as maintenance, you will likely be unsuccessful in any future claim.
  • Intentional damages – Whilst accidents can happen without malicious intent, if the insurer can determine that your claim is the result of deliberate or premeditated damage, your claim will be rejected. You may even be liable for insurance fraud.
  • Policy lapse – If you do not pay your premiums , you insurance will lapse. This means you won’t be insured should an insurable incident occur after your coverage ends.
Why would my home insurance policy be cancelled?

If you apply for a new home insurance policy from a provider who denies it, it may mean you have poor credit. It may be that they believe you have inflated the list of possessions in your home. It may even be that they see you as a risky policyholder.

Can an insurance company refuse to insure you?

An insurance company has every right to refuse you. It is their risk. If one company refuses to insure you, compare quotes on home owners’ insurance through the Quotezone website to find others.

What is declined insurance?

Declined insurance, or refuse insurance, is the notification given to agents if you do not qualify for one of their policies. There are other providers you can turn to if this happens. It is important to always tell your insurer the truth.

There are several reasons why home insurance and home insurance claims are refused.

Can I get quotes on home insurance if I have invalidated my claim in the past?

You can get quotes for home insurance through the Quotezone website. This will be a quote on a new policy, assuming that your old provider no longer wants to insure you.

This article is intended as generic information only and is not intended to apply to anybody’s specific circumstances, demands or needs. The views expressed are not intended to provide any financial service or to give any recommendation or advice. Products and services are only mentioned for illustrative rather than promotional purposes.

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