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Horse Insurance

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Horse insurance

🐴 HORSE AGE: From 30 days
💷 MAXIMUM HORSE VALUE: Not applicable
ℹ️ COVER OPTIONS: Public liability, personal accident and vet fees
ACTIVITIES COVERED: Recreational riding and ownership of horses. Affiliated event cover available.

Cover for multiple horses as standard.
One Club options start from only £4.50 per month.

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🐴 HORSE AGE: From 30 days to 16 years
💷 MAXIMUM HORSE VALUE: £2,500 up to £50,000
ℹ️ COVER OPTIONS: Mortality and theft, Vets fees, Life saving surgery, saddlery and tack, personal accident, public liability
ACTIVITIES COVERED: Private hacking, Riding Club, Pony Club, Dressage, Show jumping, Unaffiliated and Affiliated eventing, hunting/drag hunting.

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Compare horse insurance with Quotezone.co.uk

When purchasing horse or equine insurance it can be important to get a policy which suitably covers what you need.

Compare horse insurance quotes from our panel of UK insurance providers

You may need young horse insurance for a foal, a pony, right up to veteran horse insurance if you happen to own a more mature horse. Alternatively, you may have a foal, a pony, AND an older veteran in which case a multiple horse insurance policy may be best suited and it may also be the cheapest to buy of all the prices!

Some specialist horse insurance companies may sell cheap policies that cater for certain uses of the horse, for example you may need a quote for a farm horse, a race horse, a pet horse, or a horse used for other commercial equestrian riding school purposes.

UK horse insurance, riders insurance, and horse liability insurance comparison

Various options are usually available, and you may need to cover the horse only (health, medical and mortality insurance), the rider only (in case of an accident), horse public liability insurance, or perhaps you would prefer to cover all three.


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Quotezone and our panel of UK insurance providers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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Horse Insurance

Owning a horse could prove to be very expensive especially considering they may be one of the priciest animals to buy and care for. Not only this, but it could be costly to purchase equipment for riding – for the horse and for the owner too. Whether someone plans to have a horse for riding on roads or one for taking part in dressage or showjumping it could all add up to a large investment. Having a regular pet policy may not be enough to cover all the nuances of horse ownership – a specific horse insurance policy may be more appropriate to ensure that any coverage is tailored to this kind of animal.

What might a standard horse insurance UK policy include?

It is likely that any horse insurance policy could start from 21 days old and up – for those owning older horses there may be an upper age limit around 17 years of age which could be worth investigating before committing to purchasing any horse cover. A basic kind of horse policy may include standard terms for theft, straying or death of a horse. It may then be possible to add on various extras on top of a standard policy as well as tailoring specifically for an owner’s needs.

Basic cover may mean securing cheap horse insurance but it may be worthwhile considering the additional options that could be just some of what could be available. These could add extra cost to a standard policy but could be well worth the investment in terms of keeping a horse safe and healthy.

Vet cover for horse owners

Vet bills for a horse could be huge – a typical bill might run into thousands of pounds so it is probably worth taking the time to get this part of any horse insurance policy right. Any owner may want to consider the cost of vet bills and how much they could realistically part with as the higher the amount the higher the overall premium.

Things like annual vaccinations and pre-existing conditions are unlikely to be covered under UK horse insurance so these costs may need to be factored in to general horse ownership. In order to prevent voiding a policy it is usually important to declare any illnesses or conditions a horse may have or have had prior to taking out horse cover. False information regarding the state of health of a horse could invalidate a claim which in turn could place a horse at serious health risks.

Dental cover could often be excluded from regular pet policies but for horse insurance it may be possible to include specialist equine dental cover as part of a horse insurance policy.

Stolen or lost horses

Horses may often been seen as a valuable asset and as such this could make them attractive to thieves. This is likely to be a good reason to make certain that there is adequate cover in place should a horse go missing or be stolen. If a prospective policyholder is looking to take out insurance cover for a particularly high value horse then it could be important to mention this up front in order for any quote to take this into account.

If a horse does go astray or is the victim of a crime then it is likely to require a crime reference number from the police in order to make a claim on insurance.

Shopping for horse insurance

Getting a suitable horse insurance policy is likely to depend on a few factors, not least the value or the horse in the first place. Whilst horse ownership is probably considered relatively popular it isn’t necessarily the most popular or straightforward animal insurance. As such shopping for horse insurance may seem tricky but finding a specialist policy online may be easier than first thought. To compare horse insurance could be a good first step when looking to secure this kind of cover. Using an online comparison could mean being able to input requirements and then get a range of quotes from specialist insurance providers. This could be much more convenient than contacting individual insurance companies.

Public liability cover for horses

The law in the UK means that a horse owner could be found liable if their horse causes damage to property or injures someone. This kind of cover may prove very expensive and so it could be useful to include as part and parcel of any horse insurance quote. Any kind of claim of this kind could be financially damaging and so being prepared with this kind of additional protection may be a wise step.

Owning more than one horse

It could be the case that a person owns more than one horse in which case they want to have insurance for them all. It could be possible to search for multi horse insurance policy to get cover under a single policy for multiple animals.

Horse insurance excesses

Like many types of insurance it usually the case that a claim means paying any excess that could be due. It is typical that the lower the excess the higher the overall premium so it is probably a good thing to consider what kind of excess amount is acceptable. Whilst people don’t want to pay over the odds for insurance it could be important that any claim is affordable in terms of excess so that any problems with a horse could be resolved quickly.