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Compare 70% LTV Mortgages

Looking for The best 70% LTV mortgages for you?

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Find a 70% LTV Mortgage

Our simple comparison tool lets you compare mortgage quotes from many different UK mortgage lenders. Comparing mortgage quotes can help you save money as well as help you find the best 70% mortgage for your needs.


What is a 70% LTV mortgage?

LTV means ‘loan to value’. A 70% LTV mortgage means that the bank is lending you 70% of the total value of the property you want to buy. This is the option for when you want to pay 30% as a deposit on the property. The deposit amount you pay may change the interest on your loan.

Comparing 70% LTV mortgage is vital to finding the best quote.

What is the longest mortgage you can get?

The longest mortgage you can get will vary between different mortgage providers. Some mortgage lenders may only offer a 15 year mortgage, while some may offer 30 years or higher. If you want to find out what mortgage lengths are available, you can compare mortgage offers.

What LTV should I aim for?

Generally, the advice is to aim for the lowest LTV you can. This means you should put forward a higher deposit and thus borrow less money from the bank. This way, you will end up paying less interest on your loan. However, you must make sure that paying a higher deposit does not cause you financial difficulty.

Can I borrow five times my salary?

Yes, some mortgage providers will allow you to borrow five times your salary. The usual maximum amount you can borrow on a mortgage is four to five times your salary, but different mortgage lenders will offer different amounts.

Can a 65 year old get a mortgage?

Different mortgage providers will have different maximum ages where they will offer a mortgage. At older ages, you may also find that different types of mortgages are available, compared to younger people who try to get a mortgage.

What is the best age to buy a house?

The best age to buy a house depends on your circumstances. Ideally, you should make sure that you can afford the deposit and monthly payments without causing yourself financial hardship. Many people prefer to buy a house sooner rather than later to enjoy the benefits of homeownership longer.

Is an LTV mortgage a secured loan?

Yes, any mortgage is considered a secured loan. Secured loans are where the money you borrow is backed by a possession – in the case of a mortgage, this is the house you buy. This means that if you fail to pay off your mortgage, your house could be sold to cover the remaining balance