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75% LTV Mortgages

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Compare 75% LTV Mortgages

Buying a house is one of the biggest steps that many of us will make in our lives. It is exciting to be able to own your own home, but it can also be difficult and confusing to navigate. One particularly important step is finding the right mortgage for your needs. There are lots of different mortgage offers from lots of mortgage providers all over the UK.

If you want to find the best 75% mortgage for your needs, you can use our simple comparison tool to find the best mortgage deal for you. Comparing 75% LTV mortgage deals can help get you a lower interest rate.


What is a 75% LTV mortgage?

A 75% LTV mortgage means that the loan you get is 75% of the house’s value. You would have to pay the other 25% of the value as a deposit in order to have a 75% percent mortgage when buying a house.


Is 75% LTV good?

Depending on your circumstances, a 75% LTV mortgage may be a good option for you. If you cannot afford a 25% deposit, a 75% LTV mortgage is probably not suitable for you. Alternatively, if you can pay a higher deposit, you may want to look for a lower Loan To Value mortgage.

It pays to get a good quote comparison tool on the case when looking for the best 75% mortgages on the market.


How do I lower my LTV?

The main way to lower your Loan To Value amount is to increase the deposit that you pay when buying a house. For example, if you can pay a 40% deposit, you may be able to find a 60% Loan To Value mortgage to cover the remainder of the amount.


What is a good LTV for refinance?

The exact Loan To Value amount you go for when refinancing your property may be different based on your circumstances. However, lots of people advise that you should aim to have a Loan To Value amount of no higher than 80% when refinancing.


What LTV should I aim for?

The ideal Loan To Value amount will be different for different people. Ideally you may want a lower LTV amount so that you pay less interest overall. However, you should consider what value of deposit you can comfortably pay without putting yourself into financial difficulties.


Is a 75% LTV mortgage secured?

Any Loan To Value mortgage is a secured loan. This means that the loan is secured against an asset – in this case, the asset is your house. If you fail to pay back a secured loan, the asset can be seized to cover the remainder that is owed.


What deposit do I need for a house?

Many mortgages are available when you have a deposit of 5% or higher. Above this amount, a higher deposit usually means that your loan with be lower and thus the total amount of interest you pay will be lower. Some lenders even offer mortgages without a deposit, but these often have extra conditions such as requiring a guarantor