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Compare Barclays Mortgages

Barclays mortgage reviews

Compare Barclays mortgages

Barclays mortgage reviews

Barclays is a large British bank, serving personal customers as well as small and large businesses. The bank dates all the way back to 1690, and it made history by becoming the first bank to deploy cash dispensers in the 1960’s.  Now one of the leading British and global banks,  Barclay’s is a popular mortgage lender, especially among first time buyers. To see if Barclays has the right mortgage for you, use Quotezone’s independent comparison tool. Here, you can compare Barclays mortgage offering with other providers.

Are Barclays hard to get a mortgage with?

Like the other major mortgage lenders on the high street, you may struggle to get a mortgage with Barclays if you have credit issues.

However, Barclays has lots of options in place for first time buyers who might need extra support to get on the property ladder.

What credit agency does Barclays use for their mortgages?

Barclays will conduct your credit history search using Experian, Equifax or CallCredit.

How do you apply for a mortgage with Barclays?

There’s plenty of support available during your Barclay’s mortgage application process, including access to mortgage experts seven days a week.

They recommend using their free mortgage calculator to work out how much you can afford to borrow (and pay back!) before starting an online Agreement in Principle (AiP). The AiP will indicate whether you can borrow the amount you’d like and if you can, the full application with supporting documentation can then go ahead.

The type of supporting documents you’ll need are proof of ID and address, proof of your income and deposit , and a building insurance  policy if you’re remortgaging from another lender.

What type of mortgages are offered by Barclays?

Barclays has mortgages for first time buyers, for those looking to buy a new home or a property to let out, and they also offer remortgaging services.

Barclay’s mortgages are further classified as:

  • Fixed rate
  • Tracker
  • Interest-only
  • Offset
  • Barclays Green Home – for those buying an energy efficient home
  • Great Escape – for those looking to switch lenders

It is a good idea to compare Barclays mortgages to find the best one for you.

Is Barclays good for a first time buyer?

Yes. Barclays mortgage reviews indicate that first time buyers are served well because the bank allows you to use the Government’s help to buy scheme, and they offer up to 95% mortgages (meaning you only need a 5% deposit). 

What’s more, Barclays offer an alternative to a deposit by asking a family member to put 10% of your planned property purchase price into a savings account – as security against the loan.

Barclays also allows first time buyers to take out a shared ownership mortgage, which can be helpful if you can’t afford a deposit or larger monthly repayments.

Are Barclays mortgage reviews good?

Which? customers rate Barclays mortgages highly in terms of their value for money, transparency of charges, payment flexibility and they like the customer service they receive. So yes, Barclays mortgage reviews are good.

How long does it take to get a mortgage approval from Barclays?

The early stages of your mortgage application can take place online and this process won’t take you very long, however it can take between four and six weeks for Barclays to then approve your full application.

If you’re looking for a new mortgage, compare barclay mortgages now.